Swedish Research on Forest Biomass Gasification and

The Swedish and Finnish National
Committees of the International Flame
Research Foundation – IFRF
Swedish Research on Forest Biomass Gasification and
Syngas Conversion into Second Generation Motor Fuels
Rikard Gebart1*
Energy Technology Centre (ETC)
Box 726
941 28 Piteå
* corresponding author
An important part of the Swedish strategy for reduction of emissions of CO2 and
dependence on foreign oil is to upgrade forest based feedstocks into second generation
fuels. Both the bio-chemical and the thermo-chemical pathway is under consideration but
the effort is larger in the thermo-chemical area at present. For the thermo-chemical
pathway there is a strong interest in DME, methanol and SNG as end products. Several
different gasification principles are under development, e.g. high temperature entrained
flow, CFD and dual bed gasification. In addition to the large scale projects in Piteå
(entrained flow), Värnamo (CFB) and Göteborg (dual bed) there are several smaller
research projects focussing on other gasification principles or on other end products. The
presentation will review on-going gasification projects and will give an update about the
status of planned projects. For the Piteå-based projects additional details about recent
experimental results will be given.
Keywords: gasification, black liquor conversion