Curriculum Vitae Hans Meerman Personal information: Name

Curriculum Vitae Hans Meerman
Personal information:
Date of birth
Mailing address
Telephone number
Meerman, Hans
03-08-1981 Hellevoetsluis
Rauwenhofflaan 132
3571 HL Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 6-29286768
Professional experience:
Researcher DSM
Developing a model that identifies potential bio-based dropin routes for the chemical industry.
Researcher and teacher at Utrecht University
Performing Life Cycle Analysis of the effects of equipping
coal power plants with CO2 capture or replacing the
feedstock with biomass
Supervision of Science and Innovation Management
students with project work and their bachelor thesis
2010 - 2011
Researcher and communication officer for the Utrecht Centrum
for Energy research
As part of the CATO project (Dutch national CO2 research) I
worked on:
 communicating in clear language which research
projects are being done under CATO and what the
results on these project are to other CATO members and
to the general public
 organisation of symposia
 compiling a question and answers database relating to
2006 - 2010
PhD student Utrecht University
Defended my dissertation on September 7th 2012.
For my PhD I investigated:
 the technical possibilities of flexible operation of
gasification facilities, both regarding feedstock and
 the effect of flexible operation on the profitability of
gasification facilities
 the impact of advanced technologies on the technoeconomic performance of gasification facilities producing
electricity and/or transportation fuels, such as FT-liquids
and methanol
 the optimal CO2 capture configuration for existing steam
methane reforming (SMR) facilities
Besides the research, I performed teaching tasks in the form
of oral lectures, working lectures and supervision of students
during their internships and master thesis
2003 - 2004
1999 - 2005
Chemiewinkel Eindhoven, Technical Assistant and Committee
member Environment, Safety and Education
Activities consisted of the collection and analysis of soil and
air samples for heavy metals and other dangerous
Supermarkt Plus, Department check-out and customer support
Activities consisted of customer service and management of
Perspectives on gasification systems to produce energy
carriers and other chemicals with low CO2 emissions, ISBN:
Future technological and economic performance of IGCC and
FT production facilities with and without CO2 capture:
Combining component based learning curve and bottom-up
analysis, Inter. J. of GHG Control (2013) 16:287-310
Technical and economic prospects of coal- and biomass-fired
integrated gasification facilities equipped with CCS over time,
Inter. J. of GHG Control (2013) 16:311-323
Techno-economic assessment of CO2 capture at steam
methane reforming facilities using commercially available
technology, Inter. J. of GHG Control (2012) 9:160-71
Performance of simulated flexible integrated gasification
polygeneration facilities, Part B: Economic evaluation, Ren. &
Sust. Energy Reviews (2012) 16:6083-102
Performance of simulated flexible integrated gasification
polygeneration facilities. Part A: A technical-energetic
assessment, Ren. & Sust. Energy Reviews (2011) 15:2563-87
2006 - 2012
2006 - 2012
2000 - 2006
PhD track Utrecht University. Obtained doctorate with
dissertation ‘Perspectives on gasification systems to produce
energy carriers and other chemicals with low CO2 emissions’
on September 7th at Utrecht University
Certificate Netherlands Research School for the SocioEconomic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (Sense)
Chemical engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven
Master Catalysis, side-track: Process design
Certificate: Technology for sustainable development
 For the master thesis I investigated whether acid/base
reactions can influence the selectivity of inorganic
 Internship was performed at Shell Nederland Chemie
B.V. I investigated which reactions occur at the
1998 - 2000
1993 - 1998
hydrogenation reactor and what the reaction
mechanisms are. This information was combined with
operational data from the reactor to determine how the
regeneration process of the reactor could be improved.
VWO, CSG Jacob van Liesveldt
HAVO, CSG Jacob van Liesveldt
Dutch native
English fluent
Computer skills:
Good experience with the standard computer programs and with the modelling
Other activities:
2007 - 2009
1999 + 2000
1997 - 1998
Management team Science, Technology and Society, Utrecht
 Representing PhD students and junior researchers and
addressing their problems at the management
Youth leader of 12-15 year old children from an
interdenominational regional foundation
Member organisation for extra-curriculum activities CSG Jacob
van Liesveldt, Hellevoetsluis
Participant Chemie Olympiade (16e resp. 10e of NL)
Board member student council and editor school paper
Chess, hockey
2001 - 2004
1998 - 2000