Philanthropy Environmental Health and Safety January 10, 2016

Environmental Health and Safety
January 10, 2016
One should not only know how to receive a gift, he should have the grace to share it.
~Maya Angelou~
Philanthropy means “love of humanity.” It is defined as a person or organization seeking
to promote the welfare of others, especially by donating money to good causes.
You can also donate by purchasing products for yourself or others where part of the
money or product goes to different Philanthropic organizations.
Philanthropic organizations are non-profit and not run by the government.
Specific Organizations:
Donation Through Purchase:
TOMS Shoes donates one pair of shoes for
every pair purchased.
The Rainforest Site sells hats and mittens. For
each set sold 1145 sq. ft. of land in the
rainforest will be preserved.
Opportunity International
Raise 5
Open Society Foundation
Children’s Investment Fund
United Nations Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation
Heifer International
World Vision
Oxfam International
Chronicle of Philanthropy
Created by Stephanie Day
Sustainable is Attainable:
Promote Green Education and Practices