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National Board Certification Candidate Support Class
Graduate Credit offered by: UCCS College of Education Number of Credits: 4 Graduate Credits or 8 CEUs (total credits/units possible) Description: This course is to facilitate and support National Board Candidates in a learning community setting to learn and understand the requirements and process of National Board Certification as developed by NBPTS. Required: Attending a candidate support group and participating in the development of one or more of the four components. Outcomes:  To demonstrate knowledge and application of the NBPTS Standards in the classroom  To analyze and reflect on your teaching practice
 To enhance and foster your own lifelong professional learning and the learning of your students.
Assignments: Components 1, 2, 3, 4 (to be selected by candidate) Graduate Credit Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 1 – Content Knowledge 1 2 2 – Differentiation in Instruction 1 2 3 – Teaching Practice and Classroom Environment 1 2 4 – Effective and Reflective Practitioner* 1 2 *Shaded Component 4 not yet available Grading: The point distribution for the assignment: Participation in the 75% P Pass development of one NC No Credit or more of the four F Fail components W Withdrawal Attendance 25% Total 100% When registering for credit, follow the directions on the document titled “How to Apply.” After posting of your grade, an official UCCS transcript may be requested by going to