Hope College Student Employee Online “Time Sheet” Submission

Hope College
Student Employee
Online “Time Sheet” Submission
Your UserID and PIN are separate
from all other accounts & should
not be shared with others!
Enter your student ID and PIN.
Click Login. If you do not have this
information, contact CIT at x7670.
Click on Employee
Click on Time Sheet
Select the appropriate position and
current time period.
Students with more than one job within
the same department will choose
between them by the suffix number
assigned in the order in which the
student began the jobs.
Select Time Sheet
To enter hours, click the link
beneath the appropriate date on
the Student Earnings row.
Click Next to advance to the next week.
Enter the start and end time for
your selected day. The number of
hours will be calculated.
Select another day by clicking Timesheet,
Previous Day, Next Day or Copy Or, if you
have completed your time entry, click Save.
To copy your hours
select the days you want.
Select copy
Select Submit for Approval if you
have entered all of your time for
the time period.
Enter your PIN again to confirm
that you have submitted an
accurate time sheet.
Click EXIT when you are done.
You can check your Time Sheet status.
Time Sheet Deadlines
All time sheets must be completed by MIDNIGHT on
the Sunday following the pay period.
Go to the Payroll web site and click on the Payroll calendar
If you need more help:
Call the payroll office x7811