Student Outline: Intro Psych, V Schoenfeld Myers’ Chapter 11-Exploring Psychology 7 ed

Student Outline: Intro Psych, V Schoenfeld
Myers’ Chapter 11-Exploring Psychology 7th ed
Emotions, Stress & Health
A study aid to supplement the reading & lectures
1) Theories of emotion
a) Emotions
b) James-Lange theory
c) Cannon-Bard theory
d) Two-factor theory
2) Embodied emotion
a) Emotions & autonomic nervous system
i) Sympathetic division
ii) Parasympathetic division
b) Physiology similarities among specific emotions
c) Physiology differences among specific emotions
i) Lie detection
(1) Polygraph
d) Cognition & emotion
i) Cognition can define emotion
ii) Cognition does not always precede emotion
3) Expressed emotion
a) Detecting emotion
b) Gender, emotion & nonverbal behavior
c) Culture & emotional expression
d) Effects of facial expressions
4) Experienced emotion
a) Anger
i) Catharsis
b) Happiness
i) Feel-good, do-good phenomenon
ii) Subjective well-being
iii) Short life of emotional ups & downs
iv) Wealth & well-being
v) 2 psychological phenomena: adaptation & comparison
(1) Happiness & prior experience
(a) Adaptation-level phenomenon
(2) Happiness & others’ attainments
(a) Relative deprivation
vi) Predictors of happiness
5) Stress & health
a) Stress & stressors
i) Stress
ii) Stress response system
(1) General adaptation syndrome (GAS)
iii) Stressful life events
(1) Catastrophes
(2) Significant life changes
(3) Daily hassles
b) Stress & the heart
i) Coronary heart disease
ii) Type A
iii) Type B
c) Stress & susceptibility to disease
i) Psychophysiological illnesses
ii) Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)
(1) Lymphocytes
iii) Stress & AIDS
iv) Stress & cancer
6) Promoting health
a) Coping with stress
i) Perceived control
ii) Explanatory style
iii) Social support
b) Managing stress effects
i) Aerobic exercise
(1) Exercise & mood
(2) Exercise & health
ii) Biofeedback, relaxation & meditation
(1) Biofeedback
iii) Spirituality & faith communities
7) Alternative medicine
a) Complementary & alternative medicine (CAM)