ChemCorp - Iron Compounds Lab Purpose: THS CHEM CORP.

ChemCorp - Iron Compounds Lab
To prepare various compounds of iron & write the names for each.
To make observations of physical & chemical changes.
· The tannate ion is C 14H7O 92Procedure:
1) Pour 10 mL acetic acid (vinegar), HC H O , and 10 mL of water into a small beaker. Add a small piece of steel wool
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(source of iron) & bring the solution to a boil over a Bunsen burner. Immediately turn the burner off & allow the solution
to sit for a few minutes. This is your “stock solution” of iron.
Carefully observe steps 2-5 & try to identify the signs that indicate a chemical change has occurred.
2) Pour 5 mL of the stock solution into a test tube. Add 12 drops of hydrogen peroxide, H 2O 2. You have just prepared
Fe(C2H3O 2)3. Record your observations.
3) Place the contents from step #2 into a small beaker. Add 5 mL of strong tea, containing tannic acid, to the
Fe(C2H3O 2)3 solution. Continue adding 5 mL portions of tea until a definite change has occurred. You have just prepared
Fe2(C14H7O 9)3. Clean the test tube & beaker. Record your observations.
4) Remove 5 mL of the stock solution & place it in a test tube. Slowly add 15 mL of ammonium hydroxide, NH 4OH. The
solution is now Fe(OH) . Record your observations.
5) Add 12 drops of H2O 2 to the test tube & stir with a clean stirring rod. Observe this solution very carefully, try using
a magnifying lens. The test tube now contains Fe(OH)3. Record your observations.
1) Would you describe the compounds produced as ionic or molecular?
2) Write the chemical formula & name for each compound produced in Steps 2-5:
Chemical Formula
Chemical Name
Step # 2 ___________________
Step # 3 ___________________
Step # 4 ___________________
Step # 5 ___________________
3) List at least 2 signs that indicated a chemical change had occurred.