European Norm on R&D&I

About the CEN Work Group 201
Research & Development & Innovation Management
EARTO – Brussels – June 16 th 2008
Association des instituts Carnot - France
An AENOR initiative at the European
Committee for Standardisation (CEN)
• Task of the Work Group
– feasibility study for an European Standard on Research &
Development & Innovation Management
– « Business plan » for a future CEN Technical Committee, if
need be
• Agenda
– first meetings:
Madrid January 25th 2008, Lisbon April 21st 2008
– upcoming meeting: second half of September 2008
• Participant countries
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,
Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Netherlands voted against the setting up of the Work Group
Motivation for AENOR proposal
Javier Garcia, AENOR, Spanish CEN/BT Member (Madrid January 25th 2008)
• EC Communication « Putting knowledge into practice: A
broad-based innovation strategy for the EU »
The Commission will act to improve the institutional framework of European
standardisation. In particular, it will seek to speed up the adoption of open,
interoperable standards and to better integrate SMEs and consumers into the
standards-setting process (2.3.).
• CEN 2010 Strategy : Incorporate innovation as a key issue
Key Objective 1: « European standardization has to meet the challenges of
innovation and new and emerging technologies ».
• Experience at a Spanish national level
UNE 166000 series of standards
R&D&I projects and Management systems requirements
167 certified firms
Complementary support
• EC Communication « Towards an increased contribution
from standardisation to innovation in Europe »
2008 March 11th
• CEN 2010 Strategy
CEN Technical Board Action Plan
Implementation of CEN Strategy 2010: Action 2.1 (High priority)
« To encourage more standards to support a culture of innovation »
AENOR intended purpose
• Develop a horizontal approach to R&D&I management
within all type of organizations, regardless of their size and
• Provide useful tools to those organizations which already
carry out investment on R&D&I activities to develop a
systematic approach to their management
• Basis to promote and understand the benefits of investing
in these activities to those other organizations which
recognize such need to invest in R&D&I, but lack the tools
and the time to develop their own procedures
Defined objectives for the CEN/TC
Draft Business Plan CEN/TC xxx Research, Development and innovation
To elaborate European documents on the following aspects,related to
•Terminology and definitions,
• Management of R&D&I systems,
• R&D&I projects,
• Watch (vigilance) systems,
• Guide of best practice,
•Training guidelines for R&D&I personnel,
• Exploitation plans,
• Self assesment tools.
French proposals for the work programme
• Terminology and definitions
• Guidelines for an innovation management system
– Themes contributing to improve the innovation culture within the
organisations, such as:
Technology watch
IPR management, including patent valuation methods
Creativity management
Self assessment tools on innovation capacity and management performance
• Guidelines for innovation project management
– Main steps of an innovation project
Feasibility study and market analysis
Development phase
Launching of the innovation on the market
Criteria used by public and private funders to assess innovation projects.
2008/06/27: Deadline for the contributions of the
BTWG 201 experts
2008/07/25: Compilation and analysis sent to the
BTWG 201 members, for further national
Second half of september: Discussion of the results,
with the aim of agreeing a final draft BP.
Some European and international
standards and guidelines on Research,
Development and Innovation
UNE 1660000 series of standards on R&D&I Management
• UNE166000:2006. Terminology and definitions
• UNE 166001:2006. R&D&I project requirements
• UNE 166002:2006. R&D&I Management System
167 certified firms
• UN 166006:2006 Technology Watch System
Experimental standard
Family of standards on R&D&I Management
• NP 4456: 2006. Terminology and definitions
• NP 4457: 2006. R&D&I Management System Requirements
15 certified firms
• NP 4458: 2006. R&D&I project requirements
• NP 446: 2007. Competence and assessment of RDI
management system auditors and RDI project auditors.
United Kingdom
British Standard Institution 7000 : Design management systems
Part 1: Guide to managing of innovation
Part 2: Guide to managing the design of manufactured products
Part 3: Guide to managing service design
Part 4: Guide to managing design in construction
Part 5: Guide to managing obsolescence
Part 6: Guide to managing inclusive design
Part 10: Glosary of terms used in design management
CEN Workshop Agreement « Assessment of SMEs innovation
IAO Fraunhofer Institut - Stuttgart
IMP³rove Project (Europe Innova)
Self assessment tools for SMEs
Sectorial indicators benchmarking
IMP³rove aims to provide innovation facilitators with new and better
tools to consult enterprises on innovation management issues.
SMEs will have a clearer picture of their innovation management
performance and improvement potential. This will enable benchmarking
against competitors in the same sector across countries or across
sectors within the same country. The results of this self-assessment will
be used for marketing and fund raising purposes.
• FD X 50-550: 2001 : Démarche qualité en recherche –
Principes généraux et recommandations
Quality in Research
• FD X 50-551:2003 : Qualité en recherche – Recommandations
pour l’organisation et la réalisation d’une activité de recherche
en mode projet notamment dans le cadre d’un réseau
Quality in network research projects
• GA X 50-552: 2004 : Systèmes de management de la qualité –
Guide d’application de l’ISO 9001 dans les organismes de
ISO 90001 in Research Organisation
• Setting-up of CEN/BT/WG 201 « Research, Development
and Innovation »
• Objective: to study the feasibility or European standards on
Research & Development & Innovation management
• 1st meeting : January 25th 2008 - Madrid
• Setting-up of CEN/BT/Task Group F
• Tasks:
• To encourage more standards to support a culture of innovation
(task of BT/WG 201)
• To make use of standards to disseminate results of research
• To encourage a close cooperation between TCs and the BT/WG
• To support the European policy initiatives on innovation
• US
ASQZ1:1999 Quality Guidelines for Research
• Australia
AQC B001-2000: Benchmarking Report -Innovation:
How to Engage the Whole Organisation in Becoming
an Innovative Enterprise
Doubts, alternatives, questions
France, Germany, Ireland, UK …
• let’s make the intended feasibility study
• let’s ask the SMEs what do they need
• lets’s work on market related issues
• against certification
• guidelines rather than standards
• standardisation for innovation or standardisation of innovation ?
Thank you
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