Syllabus – CEN 6940 – Software Engineering Practicum


Syllabus – CEN 6940_82905 Software Engineering Practicum Fall 2008 General

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Course Description


This course involves a supervised or individual team project, including field experience with real customers, to address a major software development effort that employs methods, techniques, and practices covered in the Software Engineering core.


: Software Engineering core: CIS 6101, CEN 6016, CEN 6017, and CEN 6070.

Description of Prerequisites


CEN 6016: Engineering of Software 1



learned. : COP 3540 or COP 4534 or equivalent. Topics covered in this course include: methods, techniques, and practices associated with software development that go from elicitation or requirements to the analysis of both the problem and solution domains; formal methods, executable specifications, classical and object-oriented approaches; support tools, and quality assurance practices; team-oriented project using methods, techniques and practices

CEN 6017: Engineering of Software 2 Prerequisite

learned. : CEN 6016. Topics covered in this course include: the design of a software system using classical and object-oriented approaches; software architectures, frameworks, functional and object-oriented decomposition, prototyping, design and implementation of reviews and walkthroughs, GUI design and implementation, interoperability, support tools, and quality assurance practices; team-oriented project used methods, techniques and practices

CEN 6070: Software Quality Assurance and Testing Prerequisite

: CEN 6016. Topics covered in this course include: the quality of the software product; techniques with the stages of verification and validation; reliability; correctness, testing methods, coverage measures, testing specialized applications, formal verification, testing management techniques and support tools; team-oriented project used methods, techniques and practices learned.

COP 6711: – Database Engineering / Administration Prerequisite

: COP 4720 and CEN 6016, or equivalent. This course covers the application of software engineering approaches in the strategy, analysis, design, implementation, verification, and validation phases of large scaled database design. Design issues and the user's role are studied. Database administration and management responsibilities are examined.

Tests and Grading


There will be no formal examinations. Interim deliverables, however, will be graded as deemed appropriate by the instructor. Since this is a project-oriented course, the resulting, documented, delivered, installed, and presented application must be successful and meet all functional and non-functional requirements. It will be thoroughly tested and must satisfy all test scenarios.

You may use the agile methodology of your choice. Review a host of web pages describing various agile approaches; select one; use this one to provide a process to your project. Documenting this process is a key part of your deliverables to me. Milestones and tracking (weekly (informal) reports are required – via email). We can discuss further in class. Your project and methodology must be approved by me and I will confirm either in our ‘as-required’ meetings or via email, as appropriate.

Software Quality Assurance must be an integral component of your work. A variety of metrics will be gathered and included in your final (as well as interim) reports. The details of these metrics may be altered as the project continues. (Sample metrics might include lines of code, number of errors, requirements traceability, time to rework, etc. etc.) A very clear user interface is an absolute essential. A well-designed database must also be well conceived, built, and be readily maintainable. Project tools such as Microsoft Project, the use of Personal Software Process / Team Software Process are strongly encouraged. Periodic peer reviews will be required (and will be discussed in class). Considerable latitude will extend to the teams – one or two individuals. A series of specific deliverables will be recommended. This course is meant to be a capstone graduate level application-oriented course culminating your graduate studies. Consequently a great deal of maturity and self-motivation are expected More will be discussed in our initial meeting.