Cultural Transformations Update

Cultural Transformations Update
• In general:
– Most of the activities take place within the research groups:
We have 12 groups – with different size, constitutions and ambitions
Funding application
New group(s)
New collaborations within the program – and outside
Energy and innovation
PhD students have finished their dissertation (Lise, Sarah, Mathias), others are close to
• Young colleagues – working hard to make a carrier (Claus, Susan, Mathias, Rikke, Jan) – I
hope that CT and the the RG’s can support your work
– The program as host 2015
Conference on Participatory culture, January 2015
Study trip to Amsterdam May 2015
Workshop Agency (Aug 2015)
Update winter symposium
Visiting scholar: Rui Xu (AMWaade)
PhD courses (2x, June 2015)
General decisions:
• Research organization at SCC
– Interdisciplinary research programs/groups as the core
– Research committee at CC, probably:
• Program directors and representatives for the three different
locations (Nobel, Katrinebjerg, Kasernen)
• CT Decision:
– We want CT to continue as our research program
• And we will consider to create a CT center in 2016
• Furthermore, we can suggest other centers based on our research
• We will also suggest ideas for focus areas at Arts and SCC, based
on the member’s research interests
What can CT support your research?
• CT’s main objectives: (see the original ones from 2012 on the next slide)
– Enjoy research and good work relationships
– Chair the international network SSCT and international collaboration
• Organize CT PhD Summer Schools
• Host international guest professors and Ph.D. candidates for exchange
• Create strong research collaborations across boarders (national, disciplines, faculties,
– Support research at SCC
• Organize workshops, conferences, study trips etc. for members of CT
• Take part in strategic and research policy decisions at AU. i.e. about centers, focus areas,
financial support for journals (run by the members of CT) etc. in behalf of members of CT
– Support the research groups affiliated to CT
• The research groups are essential to SCC’s ambitions and strategies, and the research
program wants to support the research that takes place in the groups by:
• Develop online (web) communication
• Support research leadership in the groups (courses, supervision, ask for working hours,
the program director meets annually with the groups/leaders - FUS)
• Research applications:
Organize workshops on strong research ideas (among others on Postdoc projects)
Organize feedback + support on research applications
Share successful applications
Help each others to find strong international partners
Our original goals (2012) are still working 
• Initiate international research network (Cultural Transformation),
study tours and international cooperation
• Organize international conferences, national seminars and
• Invite international guest professors and Ph.D. - candidates for
• Check out possibilities for publications and new journal(s) on
cultural study, develop interdisciplinary research areas (organized
in research units, see below) and develop related study programs
(among others Film & Culture study, Experience Economy, Cultural
Studies, Health/culture/media, Communication & Digital Media)
• Focused efforts on getting more Ph.D.-applicants & candidates as
well as more research project applications & funding
• Enjoy research and good work relationships
On the following slides, we present updates regarding
our research groups
1. The Democratic Public Sphere
2. Practice theory research
3. Death and digital media (Health, body and media)
4. rethinkIMPACTS2017
5. Sexuality Studies
6. Sound studies
7. Heritage and tourism
8. Participatory culture research
9. Creativity and culture production
10. FanCel research group
11. Future making research
12. Affect and methodology studies
1. The Democratic Public Sphere
• Status:
AU Ideas center grant (ends by January 2016)
Conference Nov 2017
HKN book: Kulturel offentlighed og kvalitet, November 2015
Research funding applications:
Carlsbergfondet –
• Participants:
– Henrik*, Jan, Rikke + people from BSS
• Future plans
– Depending on funding
• Challenges?
• What can CT do for you?
2. Practice theory research
• Status:
– Objectives:
• Develop practice theory – related to aesthetic disciplines
• Methodologies – relation of practice theory to practice-led, practice-based research.
• The challenges or practice theory
– New group, interdiciplinary
– Conference Nov 26-27, 2015
– Meets once a month
• Participants:
– Mads Krogh*, Ida Krøgholt, Thomas Rosendal, Steen Kaargaard, Anders
• Future plans:
Research application (Velux, FKK)
Create a network (national and international)
Seminar, spring 2016
Public lecture, workshop and PhD-masterclass
• Challenges?
• What can CT do for you?
3. Death and digital media
(Health, body and media)
• Status:
– Conference ECREA + PhD course
– Attend a conference in Sigtuna
– Applications: Velux, FKK (+ Dorthe’s (MSO) project: Pre and
post death research)
– Publications: book series
• Participants:
– Dorthe RC*, Kjetil Sandvik, Mia Louise Sellerup (phd), Anne
Kjærsgaard (Holland, postdoc). Extra: Jenny Hustad
(Moesgaard), Jakob Borrits Saabra, (Bath/AAU), Ylva
Zegerstad + Dick Kasperowski (Göteborg), Amanda
Lagerkvist (DigMix) Michael Westerlund (S) + 2 persons
from SF
3. Death and digital media
(Health, body and media) ctn
• Future plans:
– Spring 2016: workshop, 2 days, Febr (CC funding): Nordisk
– Master: Health Communication (Dorthe, Jody, Katrine
Solvang, Ken)
– Death online, Aarhus Oct 2016 (+ PhD course?)
• What can CT do for you?
– Visibility/web
– It is good to be part of a bigger group/network – new
4. rethinkIMPACTS2017
– Objective:
Research based evaluation of Aarhus 2017
Develop evaluation methods and impact research
– Applications: FKK
– Conference at Moesgaard, Oct 2017 (RE-DO, on Sustainability)
About 170 participants, (50% students)
– Conference attendances (NCCPR, UNeECC, STP&A)
Participants at AU:
– Louise EH*, Hans-Peter Degn, Hanne Lynghøj Ellerbæk
– PhD student: Markus Laursen, BSS
– Network of researchers and practitioners
Future plans:
– Develop into a Center for evaluation of culture and communication (applied research,
cooperation between research and practice)
– Related initiatives:
Creative HUB
Aarhus Academy 2017
“Videnscentret for scenekunst” (still to be decided)
What can CT do for you?
5. Sexuality Studies
• Status:
International collaboration
Monthly meetings
Study trip to London, August 2015
Pending applications: FKK, Sapere Aude
• Participants:
– Camilla Paldam, Peter Brix, Chris Hammeken, Jakob Rosendal, Susan
Sencindiver… (15 participants in total, many PhD students)
• Future plans:
Spring 2016 Passepartout. Guest editors of issue on sexuality
Guest lecture, Lucy Delap (Cambridge) 2016
HumFag, Sexuality Studies E16
Monthly meetings – text reading, project presentations etc.
• Challenges:
– The research group leaders are working hard – our work need to be
acknowledged (working hours?)
• What can CT do for you?
- Guest lecture, Lucy Delap 2016
6. Sound Studies
(an old and large research group)
16 researchers across
• Ansa Lønstrup
programs and departments
• Charlotte Rørdam
• Pia Rasmussen
Ph.D scholars:
• Morten Breinbjerg
• Sigrid Saabye
• Birgitte Stougaard
• Anders Eskildsen
• Steen Kaargaard
• Iben Have
• Marie Højlund
• Troels Østergaard
Research programs:
Young researchers:
• Lea Wierød
• Morten Riis
• Anette Vandsø
• Thomas Bjørnsten
• Tobias Korsgaard
Cultural Transformations (6)
Media, Communication and Society (2)
Mediality, Materiality, and Aesthetic Meaning (5)
Humans and Information Technology (3)
Media and journalism (3)
Aesthetics and culture (5)
Information studies (3)
Musicology (4)
Scand. studies (1)
6. Sound Studies - Activities
Established around 2006? (Musicology –> sound studies)
• Journal: SoundEffects ( (2010- )
Voice and Memory (Ansa, Birgitte, Morten Riis, Nori) 2016
Sound and Music in Health and Therapy (Iben, Marie) 2017
• Velux (2007, 2015).
• Manifesto (2008) hEAR/LYDt
• FKK (20xx + Audiovisual Culture (2009-2012))
Anthology: Blik for lyd (2014), Blog:, Conference:
• AU Ideas: Project development (2012-2014), Audiobooks (2015),
Conference: Literature. Media. Sound
• BA in Sound Studies (2013/2014-2015- )
• Humfag: Audiovisual Culture and Communication (2012-2014)
• AU Kompetencemidler: Research communication in public media (2015)
• Professional networks: ESSA (European Sound Studies Association),
NorSound, LARM.
• Guest professors: Nori Neumark, Daniel Warner, Ola Stockfelt.
6. Sound Studies: What now?
Challenges for an old large group
• What do we get out of it? Different needs?
• Competent feedback on papers, applications etc.
• Shared interests. Academic discussions. Keeping each other
up to date.
• Meetings three times per semester.
• Socially well-functioning.
• Difficult to meet. People are busy. Lack of time for many of
• Strategic research development and applications.
• BA in Sound Studies (hopefully). TimeWorld (Time Institute)
• …….
7. Heritage and tourism
• Research applications:
– Innovationsfond-ansøgningen på kystturisme til
Ringkjøbing-Skjern - bevilget 5,5 millioner + 1 mil fra Kraft.
(Jan Ifversen er PI, Mads Daugbjerg, Britta + arkitektskolen
+ 2 ph.d-stipendier. Krydsfeltet mellem SHM og OØ.
– Britta er medansøger på en Innovationsfondsansøgning
omkring bæredygtige ressourceflows (udløber af RW, et
lille rethinkIMPACTS 2017 projekt). PI er Marianne
Thomsen, ENVR, konsortium bestående af virksomheder,
arkitekter, borgere fra Ry. Deadline 1.4. 2016.
– Britta er med på en H2020 omkring det postkoloniale
Europa. Deadline Februar 2017. Vi danner konsortiet nu,
og skal have næste møde i Amsterdam Februar 2016. Vi
regner med at lave en dansk udløber af denne ansøgning.
8. Participatory culture research
• Status:
– One meeting this semester, + meeting Dec 3rd.
– Busy attending conferences this fall:
Interpersonal communication
Democracy conference
Participate (SDU)
– Applications;:
Kulturhuse/EU (Birgit, Jan)
COST (Carsten, Birigt, Camilla, Anne Scott)
Dorthe: Velux, FKK
Louise Ejgod: FKK
– Publications;
• Conjunctions – two new issues to be published
• Følgeforskning (ed volume, Carste, Dorthe, Ida, Louise)
• Participants:
– New participants from Health + SDU
8. Participatory culture research ctn
• Future plans:
Writing retreat January 2016 (CC funding)
PhD course April 206, Participatory culture
Elitespor for studererende (jf nyhedsbrev, CC)
Hosting a workhsop with Richard Grusin,
March/April 2016
• Challenges: - will Conjunctions keep the
support from FKK?
• What can CT do for you?
– We enjoyed the CT conference last year – can we
do more?
9. Creativity and culture production
• Status:
– Some of the participants also take place int eh new practice theory
• Participants:
– Ida, Exe, Thomas, Anne Marit
• Future plans:
– Ida: Vi arbejder på at redigere et issue af Unlikely, Norie Newmarks
web-tidsskrift – under temaet Obstruction (redaktion af dette hører
under kreativitets-gruppen, det involverer Exe, Thomas og jeg som
– AM: Creative Hub at AU (Smart City, IMPACTS2017, Marianne Ping
Huang, Bente Larsen, Katrine Solvang, Annette Markham, Niels
Lehmann, AM Waade m.fl.): Conference Dec 14 on (20-30
participants) Creative Ring – Aarhus Creative Hub – with Alain
Heureux - Ingrid Willems from Brussel
• Challenges:
• What can CT do for you?
10. FanCel research group
• Status:
– HumFag, many students
– Postdoc appl
– Mathias* has finished his dissertation
• Participants:
• Future plans:
• Challenges:
– Lise has left the group
– People are very busy teaching
• What can CT do for you?
11. Future making research
• Status:
– Transgressive methods (?) Skagen conference
– PhD course: Visual Culture, visual methods
• Participants:
– Annette Markham* + many local and international
scholars (se website)
• Future plans:
• Challenges:
• What can CT do for you?
12. Affect and methodology studies
• Publications, books:
– Timm Knudsen & Stage:
– Affect methodologies (edited volume)
• Next step:
– Vi vil gerne lave en body-politics forskningsenhed,
der går på tværs af skolerne og som stadig knytter
sig til Cesau. Vi planlægger ansøgninger. (Carsten
Stage, Christoffer Kølvraa, Christina Jerne, BTK).
CT - Future plans?
• Center – or research centers?
• What should/could the research program do
for my research?
• Study trip 2017? Hamburg? Easters European
Suggestions for research focus areas
(indsatsområder) at Arts + CC
• In general:
– The research areas should reach out outside CC & Arts and
include colleagues/collaborations across faculties and
institutions (grand challenges)
– There will be some money, not much – but visibility and support
from Arts/CC
– Deadline in January/February (for the suggestions)
Input: What could I think of as strong suggestions for focus
areas at Arts & CC?
– Louise Ejgod Hansen: Centre for evaluation/applied research(?)
– Britta Timm Knudsen (see the next slide)
Input fra Britta Timm Knudsen
• Det er vigtigt at vi melder ud ift. ARTS-satningerne og her vil
jeg gerne støtte Uses of the Past-tankerne (tværgående
center?, omkring Heritage, Memory Studies osv.).
• Jeg har talt med Pernille Hermann på det norrøne område på
Nordisk om at lave en lille forsknings-enhed omkring
Mobilities Emotional Geograhies/vibrant Materialitites).På IKS
er der nok arkæologer og antropologer, der ville være
• på IKS har Bjarke Paarup foreslået Medical Humanities og
Urban Studies som satsningsområder. Det er jo ikke til at vide
om det bliver til noget men FYI.
(2) Suggestions for research focus
areas (indsatsområder) at Arts + CC
• Ane Marit’s brief ideas - based on CT’s research work and groups:
• Participatory culture in art, culture and policy: Re-enchanting the
political, emotional politics, digital democracy, media & agency,
affect and citizenship, participation in art and culture,
• Onlife (digital living) – digital media’s influence on everyday culture
and identities; digital living, death, health, aging, sexuality, fandom,
celebrity, childhood and close relationships
• Creative economy: experience economy, evaluation and measuring,
creativity and growth, creative hub, creative management and cocreation, culture capital/creative cities, media production and
regional development, praxis based research, applied research