Government Unit- Introduction and Ideology1 8/26-9/17

Freedom, Order and Equality Unit Plan
Give practical examples of ways in which the values of freedom, order, and equality may conflict.
Provide a conceptual framework for analyzing government.
Discuss the three major purposes of government.
Explain the two dilemmas of government.
Sketch a continuum of ideological stances on the scope of government, ranging from
totalitarianism to anarchism.
Construct a two-dimensional, fourfold classification of American political ideologies, using the
values of freedom, order, and equality.
Distinguish between liberals and conservatives with regard to their attitudes about the scope and
purpose of government.
national sovereignty
public goods
political ideology
laissez faire
Day 1 8/26:
Objective: Understand class expectations
Discuss the purposes of government
Activities: Quickwrite, class overview, concurrent option, begin reading
QW: What is the purpose of government? Is it necessary?
HW: Read p.6-11 answer questions
1. What are the purposes of government?
2. Which do you believe is the most important? Why?
Day 2 8/28:
Objective: Understand the goals of freedom, order and equality
Activities: Pair Share, Work!
HW: Read p. 11-20 Answer questions
1. Which is the most important concept for governments to pursue? Why?
2. What are the two dilemmas of government? Which is more difficult? Why?
Day 3 9/2:
Objective: Apply concepts of Freedom, order and equality
Discuss concept of political ideology
Activities: Quickwrite, Discuss HW, Lecture: political ideology
HW: Read p. 20-24 –you can just read the definitions if you like! Answer questions
1. Define political ideology.
2. Which political theory do you most agree? Which Economic theory? Why?
3. Take “IDEALOG” Test
Day 4 9/4:
Objective: Understand your own political ideology
Activities: Pair Share, Discussion, Complete Vocabulary definitions
HW: Read p. 24-26 Answer question, review work for quiz!
1. Explain the key differences between liberals and conservatives in modern American politics.
Day 5 9/9:
Objective: Test knowledge
Activities: Vocabulary quiz, Test corrections, Socratic Seminar Quiz
Question: What current or former government actions demonstrate the purposes of government, the values of
freedom, order and equality and how do they conflict? What tradeoff had to be made?
HW: Choose a piece of current legislation in Congress that interests you and seems controversial. Use to
locate legislation
Day 6 9/11:
Objective: Research history of legislation
Activities: Locate 3-5 sources which discuss the history (legislation, court cases, constitutional amendments, etc) for the
issue area of your legislation.
HW: Finish gathering sources, take notes on sources
Day 7 9/15:
Objective: Write overview of History of issue area for chosen legislation.
Activities: 1-3 pages covering the history of your legislative area
HW: Finish writing
Day 8 9/17:
Objective: Determine where legislation falls on political spectrum.
Activities: Pair-share, 1-2 pages discussing where your legislation falls on the ideological spectrum. Use course terms and
HW: Finish writing