Group: 5 Presentation on Business Plan of Cyber Cafe

Presentation on
Business Plan of Cyber Café
Shawlin Baten:111113036
Business plan
My business plan is to earn profit by giving
services to the people of every class.I want to
start this business as a Sole proprietorship
business. The most exclusive part of my business
is that I want to introduce people with the social
networking factors of the outside world for the
better living and knowledgeable standards.
Name of business:
The name of my business is “World in a click”.
The name of the business come in this way
because I want to make people more modern by
giving them opportunity to use social networking
connection and also want to introduce them with
Mission and vision
The mission of my business is to connect people
with a new digitalize world. My vision is that one
day our country people will also be able to stand
on every activity as of the developed countries.
Key to success
The creation of a unique, innovative, upscale,
atmosphere that will different café from other
local café and future internet cafes.
The established of “world in a click” cyber
café as a community hub for socialization and
The creation of an environment that won’t
intimidate the novice user. our café will
position itself as an educational resource
Will there be a demand for services offered by my
café in Bangladesh
Will the popularity of the internet continue to grow or
is the internet fad?
Will individuals be will willing to pay for the service
café offers?
Will the cost of accessing the internet from home
drop so significantly that there will not be a market
for internet café such as ‘world in a click’ café?
Simple plan of business
Net book
Modem price
Seating arrangement and
108000 tk
26000 tk
70000 tk
65000 tk
154000 tk
100000 tk
location and facilities
My business will start in a local area of
Dhaka at Dhanmondi. It is first cyber café
which have a laptop , projector ,modem ,Wi
fi connecttion and coffee shop also. There is
a movie show also.
Dhanmondi, road no 4/a ,House no; 41
Strength of Business
Strengths of the business depend on the situation and
overall condition, market position and loads of other
things. These could be seen in terms of staff, products,
customer loyalty, processes, or location. To evaluate the
business well, it could be my marketing expertise or
excellent customer service. It's important to try to
evaluate strengths in terms of how they compare to those
of my competitors.
Profit & Loss
At first I can not to get a high profit. Because it
should build a successful business at first without
making high profit.
Future service:
As a café grows more communication system will be
added .The possibility of additional units has been
accounted for in the floor plan. As the demand for
internet connectivity increase along with the
increase in competition, my café will continue to
add new service to keep its customer base
community back for more.
The End