September 26, 2014


Hope all has gone well for you this past week! We have had a very educational week. The students began to work in their guided reading groups and at different stations. We have been really working on staying at a “zero” when at stations. We are not perfect, but we will get better with practice! For math we continued to learn place value to the hundred thousandths place. Our scholars really seem to enjoy learning about place value! We also did math centers and the students did great! For science the students began to learn about the solar system. We covered the Sun,

Mercury, and Venus. The scholars really liked watching The Magic School Bus to introduce our solar system unit! We also started our government unit and began to talk about what government is, what we know about it, and what we want to learn about it.

Here is a look at what we will be doing next week:

Reading- We will continue with centers. We will also continue learning about parts of speech- particularly that of nouns and verbs.

Math- We will be working heavily on place value and expanded forms!

Science- We will be working on learning the planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Next week we will also start making our solar system diagrams!

Social Studies- We will be studying government- mainly the three main branches of government and what each branch does!


Due to it being a short week- spelling lists will be handed out on

Monday! But continue to be prepared for a test on Friday!


Dashyia has a birthday September 27!!!


October 3 is parent-teacher conferences, please call the front office to set up a time with me! I can’t want to meet with you all!

October 6 is picture day!!!

Please continue to go over the rules with your child. We are still having a problem following the rules. The more you, parents, are involved, THE BETTER!!! You can never remind your scholar enough of what they job is at school. Also, please be sure that your child is doing their homework packet, AS WELL AS reading 10-15 minutes a night. Their homework packet should be signed each night in the reading done box with how much they read and your initials. If this is not done, students will lose points!! So please, please, please, make sure this gets done. As always, call or email if you have any questions! Hope you have a great weekend! - Ms. Sargent