Tuesday, September 7, 2010 “A” Day Prologue

Please define the following two terms:
shaping and reinforcer. Then, explain the
difference between negative and positive
Read See Aggression…Do Aggression pp. 84-92 in the 40
Studies Book and complete the corresponding worksheet.
1. Bellringer and Discussion
2. Open Notes Quiz
3. PPT slides 50-75
1. Big Bang Theory Video clip
2. Critical thinking exercises
3. Reinforcement Practice
4. Analyze Charts hand-out
5. Punishment Examples
4. Closure and Wrap-Up
The tentative date for the Chapter 8 Test is
Monday, December 17.
Student will be able to (SWBAT):
Define Operant Conditioning.
Identify the two major characteristics that distinguish
classical conditioning from operant conditioning.
State Thorndike’s Law of Effect, and explain its
connection to Skinner’s Research on Operant
Describe the shaping procedure, and explain how it can
increase our understanding of what animals can babies
can discriminate.