Ray model of light Chapter 23 Optics Homework 1 Read the chapter

Ray model of light Chapter 23 Optics Homework 1
1. Read the chapter opening question on pg 644 and answer here:
Read pg. 644 – 648 and answer the following:
2. What is the Ray model of light and what are its limitations?
3. Describe the Law of Reflection:
4. Describe the differences between diffuse and specular reflection:
5. Read Example 23-1 and describe the approach to this problem below:
6. Describe the difference between virtual images and real images:
7. Read example 23-2, try to figure it out on your own before you read the
solution. Describe the solution and how close you were to the solution:
8. Answer conceptual example 23-3 here:
Do the following plane mirror problems from pg673 below and on the back of this
sheet: #1, 5 and 7
Formation of Images by Spherical Mirrors
1. Differentiate between concave and convex mirrors:
2. Describe and draw the following on a concave mirror: principal axis, focal
point, focal length and paraxial rays.
Image formation
3. Draw how three rays can be used to show how an image is reflected in a
concave mirror from pg. 651
4. Write the mirror and magnification equations here:
5. Read example 23-4 and solve below:
6. Read Example 23-6 and describe the solution:
7. From pg. 655 Describe how convex mirrors work differently from concave:
8. Read how to solve spherical mirror problem solving on pg. 655 and
summarize here:
9. Do example 23-7 here:
Time to try on your own. Try the following problems on pg. 674: 9, 11, 17 and 23