Lesson 1 Day 4 - North Allegheny School District


Lesson 1 Day 4

Question Of the Day

What would you do to teach someone a skill?

One skill I can teach someone is______.


Today’s Read Aloud Friends

What is the purpose for reading a story called “Friends”?

A: For fun, to learn about friendship, or to practice reading.

Listen to my voice as I read this story.



Turtle was swimming along among the lily pads. It was right in the middle of the pond, where the sun was warm and everything was peaceful. Suddenly something bumped into him and water splashed up into his face. “Who is that?” he called out in his little voice.

“It’s just me. I’m Ellie,” came the reply. “If you’d look behind you, you’d see that I’m an elephant.” Turtle wasn’t used to finding other creatures in the pond. The truth was, it was quite a lonely pond for him. He just hadn’t really thought about how lonely he was until he heard the elephant speak to him.

“Yes,” he finally said, “I can see that you are an elephant. And I’m a turtle. I swim a lot, but sometimes I sit on the rocks to warm up.” Transparency R7


“Well,” said Ellie, “maybe we could be friends. I visit this pond sometimes to keep cool. It’s awfully lonely here, don’t you think?

Soon, Turtle and Ellie were the best of friends, swimming and playing together whenever they could. This just goes to show that, sometimes, new friends can make quite a splash.

Transparency R7


• Who are the characters?

• How are the animal characters important to the story?

• What lesson do the animals learn?


Short Vowels: A, E, I, O, and U

• Remember that when one vowel is closed in by two consonants, such as in the word


, the sound is often a short vowel sound.

• Say these words.

leg pin rug Do you hear the short vowel sounds?


Short Vowels: A, E, I, O, and U

• You can also find the CVC pattern in longer words too! Looking for a CVC pattern in longer words will help you become a better reader! • There are other patterns that can help readers figure out new or unfamiliar words.

nap/kin vc/vc

kitten kit/ten

Try These Words!

dentist den/tist basket bas/ket Yesterday, I went on a picnic in my own backyard. I packed a basket filled with food. I had a sandwich, a banana, and even a muffin. I also brought a paper plate, a plastic sup, and a napkin. I sat under a tree and started to eat. What was missing? I forgot to bring anything to drink! What a silly thing to happen!

Transparency R8

Short Vowels: A, E, I, O, and U

Look at these pair of letters and think about the sounds the letters stand for. Then I am going to read aloud the spelling words. Do any of our words match these blanks?

___op stop/drop ___ll still/tell t79 ___st last/dust


Remember that good readers focus and ready slowly enough to make sure that they are reading correctly!

As I read part of “Ruby the Copycat,” I am going to read very carefully so I do not make any mistakes. I will think about what I am reading so I will know if I make a mistake. I will go back and reread to correct my mistake. I am also going to look at the end marks so I know whether to read each sentence as a statement or a question.


Characters and Setting

• Who or what might be characters in a story?

• People and/or animals • Remember good readers use what characters say and do to understand how the characters feel. Where and when a story takes place can also affect how the characters behave.


Alex’s New Home

• It was summer and Alex and his family had moved to a new town. Everything there was new for Alex. He had a new apartment, new neighbors, and soon there would be a new school. In his apartment building there were a lot of little children, but they were too young for Alex to play with. Most days, Alex’s Mom allowed him to play in front of the building, but he didn’t stay outside for long.

transparency R1

Alex’s New Home

“Its no fun playing alone”, Alex complained.

“I know”, said his mom.

“I wish school started tomorrow”, said Alex. “How many more days until I meet someone my own age”? “Just five more days until school”, his mom replied.

transparency R1

Alex’s New Home

• What is the setting?

• How does the setting affect Alex?

• How does Alex feel about starting a new school?

• How do you know that he wants school to start?

• *Reread pg 29 of “Ruby the Copycat”. How does Angela feel about Ruby now? What does Angela Say or do that lets you know how she feels?



Would you murmur or gush in these situations?

Won a prize got caught doing something wrong Told a secret Got a new pet Would you recite or imitate in these situations?

Said a poem Learned a language Played Simon Says Said the Pledge of Allegiance Would you be frustrated in these situations?

Waiting for someone Dropping the ball in a game Repeating a mistake Succeeding on the first try T82


Would this be a coincidence?

Two students wearing the same hat one day Your friend making her room look just like yours Would this be pleasant?

Getting a shot A sunny day Eating ice cream visiting a friend Which friend is loyal?

A friend sticking up for you A friend telling tales


Do this in your notebook!

• Use trudged in a sentence!

• Use modeled in a sentence!


• • Words that mean the SAME!

What vocabulary words can replace the underlined words in the following sentences because they mean the same?

1. Grace was nice to the new student.

2. My teacher showed how to write the letter Q.

3. My dog is a faithful pet.

4. Byron mumbled because he was nervous.


Daily Proofreading

Correct these sentences in your notebook!



do you know the writer’s name


^ R

9. ruby and Angela are friends



10. did Ruby copy Angela.


^ T84

Daily Proofreading • Correct these sentences in your notebook!

1. T

he writer spoke to the whole class


2. D

o you know the writer’s name



Statements and Questions

• Remember a sentence tells a complete thought, begins with a capital letter, ends with an end mark, and uses a word order that makes sense.

• There are two kinds of sentences! What are they?

• Statements and Questions!

Statements and Questions

• A


tells something. It begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.

• A


asks something. It begins with a capital letter and ends with a question mark.

Statements and Questions

• The following sentences are part of a list of interview questions you might use if an author visited our class. Are these sentences statements or questions?

1. This is my list of questions.

2. How did you start writing?

3. What is your favorite book?

Independent Practice

• Open your notebook!

• Think about someone you would like to interview. Write a statement explaining why you want to interview that person. Then write four questions you would ask that person.

• When you are finished, share with a partner and read each other’s lists. Be sure to check correct punctuation.

• Then we will share our questions as a class.


Descriptive Paragraph

• Today we are going to finish our descriptive paragraphs!

• Remember your descriptive paragraph should help the reader see, hear, feel, and smell. You should tell how you feel about this topic.

• Remember to include plenty of details!

• When your are finished writing your paragraph switch with a friend for the revise stage of writing! Look for capitalization errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors, and ask yourself if your friend’s sentences make sense? T85