Alex Stone
Alex was an amazing speaker and performer. We used him for a yearly sales meeting. He was
professional, entertaining and creative.
-American Express Publishing
Alex Stone presents a wonderful mix of cutting-edge science, humor, and pure magic; and our
audience was mesmerized. "Fooling Houdini" was one of the best programs of our fall series!
-Mind Science Foundation
Alex is one of those rare individuals who can capture the curiosity and the emotions of his
audience in equal measure. His humor, intelligence, and downright joy allow him to shine light
on topics that range from the scientific to the surreal. His real magic goes beyond the cards and
coins and teaches us to consider the extraordinary with an eye toward simplicity and the simple
with an eye toward the extraordinary. In so doing, he taps right into the pulse of what it is to be a
powerful storyteller.
-Edelman PR
Alex Stone is a gifted young writer, teacher, and accomplished magician. He uses stunning acts
of wizardry with coin and cards, many of which involve direct interaction with audience
members, to propel a narrative that connects with (among other things) contemporary scientific
research in attention, perception, illusion, memory, and cognition. A fascinating, intimate
journey into the world of close-up magic. Amazing! Not to be missed!
-Emory University
Alex Stone took us on a wondrous and brain-tingling ride, as he dazzled us with his sleight of
hand, and then explained some of the math and neuroscience behind why we were so readily
duped. A delightful and scintillating performance!
-Light in Winter Festival
Little did I realize when I invited Alex Stone to speak about "Fooling Houdini" as part of the
Science Track at the 2012 Decatur Book Festival that I would be treating my audience to an
event that would be a delightful mixture of book talk, prestidigitation, and stand-up comedy,
keeping the capacity crowd of 300 people engaged, amazed, and amused. After about 45
minutes it all ended too soon. Next time around I plan on booking a large theater for an
-Atlanta Science Tavern
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