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Basic Utility Vehicle BUV Ministry
Institute for Affordable Transportation, Inc.
5868 E 71st ST, Suite E-199
Indianapolis, IN 46220
BUV Mission
To improve the lives
of the world’s poor
by providing
simple, low-cost vehicles
to facilitate community
Our Vision
Basic Vehicles. Changed Lives.
The Problem & BUV - a Solution
Pictures Speak Louder Than Words
BUV is a Solution!
Our Focus
 Provide off-road vehicles to missionaries and
 Provide BUVs to the general population for
commercial use
 Help launch “Kingdom Businesses”
Partner with Christian
Provide the BUV design
& process
Identify investors
BUV Specifications
 Multi-functional
 1,200 pound payload
 High torque vehicle
 Top speed 20 mph
 Easy to assemble
 Low maintenance
 Low cost
 50+ mpg / 10 hp diesel
 12’ L x 5’ W with 6.5’ cargo bed
 $5,000 US built / $3,750 build in-country
A Vehicle to Help the Poor
God’s love in action…
Attends to physical needs
Provides freedom and hope
Facilitates gainful employment
He who is kind to the poor
lends to the Lord,
and He will reward him
for what he has done.
Proverbs 19: 17
Some BUV Applications
 The Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV)
 is a vehicle of change…taking
 …children to school
 …healthcare to people
 …crops to and from markets
 …food and water to villages
 …the sick to and from hospitals and clinics
 …products to construction sites
 …and much more.
As of Today
 Expanded Impact
 19
 40 Ministry Customers
 4 Partner Agreements (for factories)
 200 Assembly Training Videos
 Title Sponsor – Yanmar Engine Corp.
 19 Design Improvements
 1st BUV Built in Africa
Countries Targeted
 Africa : Angola; D.R. Congo; Ethiopia;
Gabon; Ghana; Kenya; Liberia; Malawi;
Mozambique; Nigeria; S. Africa;
Senegal; Zambia; Zimbabwe;
 Others: Costa Rica; Haiti; Honduras;
 Business Plans For: Haiti; Kenya;
Liberia with several more requests
Africa – Map
Organizations We Are Serving
Serving With (Partial List):
 African Christian Hospitals
 Bethsean Mission
 Catholic Charities
 Casas por Cristo
 Christian & Missionary Alliance
 Christian Center of Praise
 Christian Mission of C. Honduras
 Congo Helping Hands
 Eden’s Children Village
 Evangelical Lutheran Church of
 Evangelical West Africa Ministries
 Flora Azul
 Ghana Christian Mission
Partial List Con’t.:
 Honduras Outreach
 Hôpital Sacré Coeur
 Latin American Mission
 Lifeline Christian Mission
 Living Water Christian Church
 Malawi Project
 Medical Mobilizers
 Missions Intl. of America
 Mission Honduran
 Rivers of the World
 Samaritan’s Purse
 Send Hope
 World Vision
 …and more
BUVs in Ghana
David Ketchum
Mission Resource International
Exec. Director
Story of Issah in Ghana
26 year old Muslim selected by Pastor Samuel Mensah to be a BUV driver
A single man who cares for his aging father and younger brother’s family
Cannot afford to marry his girlfriend nor operate his small farm
Now has regular routes to haul sand, gravel and water with the BUV
In first 40 days, his BUV had a total profit of about $500 with Kingdom Benefits
He hired two boys to shovel the sand into his BUV
Saved his earnings to hire farm helpers and has plans to get married
Issah now has faith in Christ Jesus and desires to join & support the Church
Pastor’s Mensah’s church receives a monthly gift from Issah’s earnings
Our Goal: to help hundreds if not thousands of men and women like Issah
“I call this BUV a treasure
and that is what it is.”
Pastor Salonique Adolphe
Living Water Christian Church
Gonaives, Haiti
(after the hurricanes)
“Our BUV gets stuck much
less than our 4x4 Land
Rover … if it does get stuck,
it is much easier to rescue”
W. Collins,
Congo Helping Hands
New Freight Solutions
 Double Stacked
 Crated
 8 Units per Container
 Nested Halves
 Re-use Crate for Bed
 Individual Shipments
Build-a-Bed Project
 Build-a-Bed (cargo bed)
 Bible Study Groups
 7 Teams in 2008
 Corporate Groups
 Father/Son teams
 BUV Tailgate Parties
 New for 2009
 Off-site (at churches, camps)
 Men’s groups
Kingdom Business
 Led by Christian leader
 Operate on biblical principles
 “Triple Bottom Line”
Economic, Social, Spiritual
 Sustainable by profit
 Facilitate God’s transformation
of people & nations
 Bottom Line ROI =
Transformational Impact and
Sustainable Businesses
Business As Mission: a calling to establish
"kingdom businesses" to advance the kingdom of God
and to provide for the needs of ourselves and others.
Some Objectives
 Position for growth
Increase capacity for large orders
Refine Technology Transfer
New Website & Marketing
 100th BUV sold soon
 Add Reverse Transmission
 Encourage & track BUV-based businesses
Owner-operators (transport entrepreneurs)
 Stories (life change) & Impact Studies
New Options for BUV
 Load Handler (Scroll-type)
Safer & Low Cost
 Lockable Storage
 People will sit on it!
 Load Indicator
 Prevent overload
 Provide driver a reason to say “no”
 New “assembly only” front end design with no
welding making it easier to launch a microfactory
Agricultural Options for BUV
 Agricultural Developments –
 All-in-One farming equipment pulled by a BUV
 Alternative: a simple plow added to back of BUV
 Agricultural possibilities in developing countries
 2010 BUV Design Competition Theme
Three Options for BUV Projects
 The options we offer those who inquire:
 Option 1: SEND-a-BUV
 Option 2: BUV Delivery Service (BDS)
with the Business Mission Institute (BMI)
 Option 3: BUV Micro-Factory (In-Country)
 Project is For: Your family, small group, church, or business
 What you do: SEND-a-BUV to a ministry or missionary
 Cost: For about $5,500*, you provide valuable and affordable
transportation to change the lives of God’s people in impoverished
areas overseas
 Help To: Create jobs…support families…fight poverty.
Note: This lays the foundation for the BUV Delivery Service (BDS) Program and/or
future BUV Micro-Factories along with other sustainable “Business As Missions
projects. *(Cost of a BUV plus freight, admin. & repair kit).
BUV Delivery Service (BDS)
 The BDS mission is to create a revenue generator (fees
for deliveries) that also diminishes the possibility of
abuse and misuse of the vehicles. Presently some of
the BUVs on the ground in various countries suffer and
sustain performance challenges due to misuse or abuse
 The BDS as a work-to-own program is one way for
individuals to purchase an expensive mode of
transportation, plus gain some valuable business and
spiritual training. Then they can own and operate their
own BUV related business after 3 years. If done as
planned, we will have achieved our goal of reducing
poverty and “improving the lives of the world’s poor”.
BDS Facts and Figures
 $99,500 / BDS to be paid in full w/o interest in month 36
 6 BUVS plus 6 BUV Kits (New front ends kits)
 $50 / day for 22 days per month X 11 BUVs
 Three year operation generating Gross Sales of $417K
 Net Income: about 14% after 3 years
 Ending Cash Balance: $18,000
 Ministry Donation: $33,000 (8%)
 IAT Licensing Fee: $20,000 (5%)
 # Jobs: 13 full time employees
 ROI: Transformational Impact + Sustainability
 Changed Lives: THOUSANDS
Business Mission Institute (BMI)
 The BMI mission is to teach “business as missions”
courses, provide mentoring and counsel, encourage
drivers to establish Kingdom Businesses that provide for
the needs of themselves and others, teach Biblically
based business principles for both community and
personal benefits, etc. The emphasis is that the delivery
business is their ministry.
BUV Micro-Factory
 IAT/BUV Partners are independently owned businesses that
produce and/or sell BUVs in developing countries for profit. IAT and
Partners develop and promote a collaborative relationship to
advance the use of BUVs. IAT provides contacts, technical design,
supply sourcing and business support to produce, assemble and
distribute BUVs. Most of our Partners are presently focused on
needs & opportunities in Africa.
 Most BUV micro-factories will use 2000 - 5000 square feet of
space. Typical production volumes range from 1 unit per week to 1
vehicle per day. Small by western standards, this is a sizable
business for many impoverished areas of the world.
 Ask for our Terms of Agreement for more details.
Moving Forward – Our Needs
 PRAYERS for God’s Provisions to move forward
 $50,000 Capacity Funds for business plans, etc. for 6 months
 $99,500 for BUV Delivery Service (BDS) - Haiti
 $99,500 for BUV Delivery Service (BDS) – Liberia
 $15,000 to develop Business Mission Institute (BMI)
 $150,000 for BUV Micro-Factory – Kenya
 Generous Giving Glorifies God
– II Corinthians 8
Basic Vehicles. Changed Lives.
Institute for Affordable Transportation
5868 E 71st ST, Suite E-199
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Personal Update - BUV Founder
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time if he is on this conference call or in this
Will Austin
IAT Executive Director