Ch 1 Special Activity Experiencing Chemistry

Ch 1 Special Project
Common Chemistry
1. The project will be done in groups of 3 members each (maximum of 4
members if class size is not a multiple of 3). Each group is required to write
a paper on either of the following:
Option 1: Chemistry applied to individual disciplines, interests, or specific
eg. CH and the Film Industry, CH and Banking, CH and Love, CH and Literature,
CH and Calligraphy, CH and the Environment, CH and the ____ Industry, CH and
Art, CH and IT, CH and Music (Be creative with your connections)
Option 2: Chemistry behind any product (with particular brands specified)
eg. The Chemistry of Godiva chocolate truffles, The Chemistry of San Miguel
Beer, Chemistry of Boysen Paint, etc.
2. Group topics must be approved first. Approval of group topics will be on
a first come, first served basis. Groups cannot report on the same topic.
Consult as soon as possible. Submission of possible topics and
consultations regarding the special project will be done via e-mail. Please email me at [email protected]
3. Each group can propose a maximum of three (3) topics. For the
submission of possible topics, please include the following:
• thesis statement
• brief background of the topic ( 3-5 sentences)
4. Each group is required to submit a written report on approved topic. Two
papers (preliminary draft and final paper) will be submitted. Each paper is
worth 100 pts. The final grade for the special project will be the average of
the scores of the two papers.
5. Important dates to remember:
Week Date
3 Nov. 24, M (B&F)
Nov. 25, T (C&I)
4 Dec. 1, M (B&F)
Dec. 2, T (C&I)
4-5 Dec. 1-12 (B&F)
Dec. 2-11 (C&I)
9 Jan. 23, F (B&F)
Jan. 22, Th (C&I)
10 Jan. 30, F (B&F)
Jan. 29, Th (C&I)
14 Feb. 27, W (B&F)
Feb. 24, T (C&I)
Deadline for submission of names of group members
Deadline for submission of proposed topics (maximum
of 3)
List topics according to preference
Approval of topics (via online correspondence)
Submission of preliminary drafts
Preliminary drafts with feedback will be returned
Submission of final paper
6. The format of the paper is as follows: A4 paper (you may recycle old sheets,
just cross-out the back), 1in. margin on all sides, Calibri font, Double-spaced,
justified text. At least 2000 words. You may include pictures, just make sure to
label them properly and indicate their sources.
Title- bold, 14 points, Calibri font, center alignment
Group members- 11 points, bold, Calibri font, center alignment
- Introduce the product, field or interest. Cite its significance
- Give brief history
- Objectives of the paper
6. The format of the paper (continuation)
1. For a DISCIPLINE or INTEREST (Option 1) discuss:
a. The general chemicals, techniques, principles the interest makes use of. If there are no specific
chemicals involved, inform us how chemistry plays a part, even a minor one.
b. The role the chemical principles play in the successful explanation or undertaking of the
Over-all, we want to understand the vital role chemistry plays in this field or interest. We want to know
any chemistry-related principles, attitudes, concepts that may be important to this field.
2. For a PRODUCT (Option 2) discuss:
a. The general chemical concepts pertaining the product. For example, if you pick Gatorade sports
drink, discuss exercise, sports drinks, and oral rehydration IN GENERAL first.
b. The specific ingredients and reactions related to the product
c. Generally compare the product to a single competitor. For example, compare Gatorade with
Powerade. Present the composition of each product in tabular format for easy comparison
Over-all, we want to know how a product works and just why it does what it does. We want to know the
chemical bases why it is that way.
6. The format of the paper (continuation)
- Brief summary of paper
- Concluding statement
- Websites are less preferred as sources
- Use correct format
e.g. Fessenden, R. J. and Fessenden, J. S. Techniques and Experiments for Organic
Chemistry, PWS Publishers, Boston. 1983
-Individual evaluation of group members
7. Each member of the group is required to submit an evaluation of his/her
groupmates’ contribution to the project as well as his/her own
contribution. On a sheet of bond paper, each member will grade the
members of the group on a scale of 10 (10-highest and 1-lowest) and
include his/her justification for the given score.
8. The final score for the special project comprises 15% of your grade in Ch
1. The following will be the criteria for grading:
Content (comprehensiveness of research and discussion, quality 60 pts
of analysis)
Organization (unity and coherence, adequate support for ideas 30 pts
and arguments presented, well-organized, logical sequencing)
Group participation
10 pts
TOTAL 100 pts
a. Do not plagiarize! Acknowledge your sources properly. Use any
acceptable citation format.
b. Write with clarity, coherence, and organization.
c. Consult with me if you are uncertain about anything regarding the
d. Make sure you can explain what you’re writing. Write to an audience
with just enough scientific knowledge and are not experts.
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