Stand by me”.

Grade 9, w.51+2,3
The road to adulthood can be long and difficult. Four boys
experience this in the movie
”Stand by me”. They
challenge death during a
forbidden two days hiking.
1. Where does the movie take place?
Who are the maincharacters?
When does it take place?
2. Describe Gordie. The hiking means a lot to him, why? Maybe these words can help
you: The storyteller, Denny dies, funeral, ”It should have been me”, his father, cries,
the dead boy, best friend Chris.
3. Why is the railwaybridge high above a river so important in the movie? It´s an ordeal.
What happens? Explain.
4. What happens when they are taking a shortcut through the woods? This is a scene that
is important in the movie. Describe it.
5. Write about the cap. Why is it important in the movie?
6. Write about the pistol. Why is it important in the movie?
7. Do you like the ending? Do you think it should have ended in another way? Was it
something that you didn´t understand in the movie?
8. Try to explain things that the four boys have in common and things that separate them. Write
about their friendship. Differences and similarities. What things unite them? Which one of the
four boys do you find the nicest? Why? Which one of the four boys do you like the least?
Why? What happens to the boys when they grow up? Do we get to know that?
9. How does Gordie as an adult explain why Chris eventually became a lawyer? Why doesn´t
Chris, as a twelve year old boy, think that he can get an education? What set of things do you
think will determine your future? Is it your origin that determines or is it your individual
characteristics? Do you have the same oppurtunities no matter where you come from? What
determines your future?
 Begriplighet och tydlighet
 Fyllighet och variation
-olika exempel och perspektiv
 Sammanhang och struktur
 Anpassning till syfte, mottagare och situation
Språk och uttrycksförmåga
 Kommunikativa strategier, t.ex. omformuleringar, förklaringar och
 Flyt och ledighet
 Omfång, variation, tydlighet och säkerhet
-vokabulär, fraseologi, idiomatik
-meningsbyggnad, textbindning och struktur
-grammatiska strukturer
-stavning och interpunktion
 Anpassning till syfte, mottagare och situation
Week 51
Week 2
Work with the questions
Use your notes from
The film.
Prepare for knowledge
assessments on
Wednesday 60 minutes
Read the questions
Watch the movie! Collect
facts and thoughts!
Take notes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Knowledge assessment:
Stand by me –WRITE!
Writing by hand in class
Christmas holiday
E: Choose 4 questions.
C: Choose 6 questions.
A: Choose 4 questions
plus 8 and 9.
E: Choose 4 questions.
C:Choose 6 questions.
A: Choose 4 questions
plus 8 and 9.
assessment: Stand by
me -SPEAK!
Give feedback on
someone’s text
Week 3
Rewrite your text on the
Feel proud after completing your work!
Annika and Birgitta