NH PTAC Presentation
You’ve been awarded a contract.
Now what?
DCMA is here to help you!
Sandee Murray,
Administrative Contracting Officer
DCMA Manchester
Date: February 28, 2007
What is DCMA?
• The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is
the Department of Defense (DoD) component that
works directly with Defense suppliers to help ensure
that supplies and services are delivered on time, at
projected cost, and meet all performance
• DCMA directly contributes to the military readiness of
the United States and its allies, and helps preserve
the nation's freedom.
Award with DCMA
DCMA Manchester:
2 offices
40 people
QAR locations
1250 contracts
$700 Million
150 contractors
What is DCMA?
Before contract award, DCMA provides services to help buying
activities construct effective solicitations, identify potential risks, select
the most capable contractors, and write contracts that meet the needs
of our customers in DoD, Federal and allied government agencies
(Israel, Turkey, Korea). (Formal Preawards: financial, quality,
manufacturing capacity, technical ability, delivery schedule. Informal
emails on PBPs, responsibility, accounting systems, delinquency etc.)
After contract award because DCMA offices are geographically located
close to the contractors, DCMA monitors contractors' performance and
management systems to ensure that cost, product &/or performance,
and delivery schedules are in compliance with the terms and conditions
of the contracts.
DCMA Contract Management
DCMA Administrators:
• Work on contractor payment problems with DFAS.
• Approve contractor payment requests for progress payments,
commercial item financing, performance based payment
requests, 2 in 1 Invoices, final vouchers.
• Conduct post-award orientation conferences.
• Train and work with contractors on WAWF (wide area work flow)
DOD electronic payment program.
• Conduct contract negotiations.
• Monitor overhead rates on cost-type contracts. Liaison with
• Close out contracts.
• Process novation and change-of-name agreements.
• Issue modifications to contracts: i.e. extend delivery dates,
correct typos, change quantity.
DCMA Contract Management
Other DCMA Services:
Quality Assurance & Product Inspection
Industrial Specialist (deliveries & production control)
Transportation (GBLs)
Software Engineering
Property (government furnished material)
Pricing (reviews proposals, rates)
Small Business
Post-award Orientation Conference Items
Review the contract page by page. Understand all abbreviations. Read
the FAR & DFARs.
Give a complete copy to your billing department.
Use WAWF to get paid. DFARs 252.232-7003 (Electronic subm.)
Combo/Invoice must be exactly as the contract is. (line item: 0001AA,
not 0001, Unit of measure: 5 each, 5 hours)
DFAS payments are 30 days from date of acceptance.
Only take direction from a written modification signed by PCO or ACO,
not emails, verbal instruction from program manager, etc.
Work with administration office first. We are in NH and can have face to
face meetings with you. (PCOs can retain administration.)
If origin inspection/acceptance notify QAR at least 7 calendar days in
Notify Industrial Specialist if shipments will be late & why.
Post-award Orientation Conference Items Cont’d
Inspection & Acceptance at Origin means the QAR must sign the WAWF
combo/invoice (shipment document) before you ship the product.
FOB origin is freight on board for transportation. It has nothing to do with
Inspection and acceptance.
Request Inspection & Acceptance at Origin vs. Destination. Payment is sooner.
Financing Possibilities:
1. Commercial Item Financing (CIF) - 70% of contract
based on time schedule with payments
no backup or verification required.
2. Progress Payments (PPs) - LB 80%, SB 90%
based on actual costs incurred
extensive backup required.
3. Performance Based Payments (PBPs) - 90%
based on priced events
limited backup that event is successful.
4. Vouchers for cost contracts - 100% costs 85% of fee
based on actual costs incurred
Thank You
Sandee Murray
2 Wall Street
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 621-2964