Abstract Number: THAE0103
Stepping up National Coordination
and Ownership of HIV Programming
24 July 2014  14:30-16:00  Plenary 3
Partners in Change
Building capacity of Country Coordinating Mechanisms
to increase country ownership and effective implementation
of Global Fund grants
Authors: Joydeep Sen, Shaleen Rakesh, Shailendra Haruray,
Dechen Wangmo and James Robertson
Alliance Regional Technical Support Hub (South Asia),
New Delhi
South Asia Hub: Who We Are
• Independent consultancy based in New Delhi, India
• Member of the global technical support network of the International
HIV/AIDS Alliance
• Provide technical support primarily to nine countries in the region:
− Afghanistan
− Bangladesh
− Bhutan
−Sri Lanka
…and to other countries based on requirements of the assignment
• Services: management support; financial & grant oversight systems;
monitoring & evaluation; research
• Significant experience in technical support to Global Fund grants
− Support to CCMs to meet Global Fund eligibility requirements
− Developing cohort of Global Fund technical support providers in region
Country Coordinating Mechanisms
• Country-level multi-stakeholder partnerships
• Central to the Global Fund's commitment to:
− Local ownership
− Participatory decision-making
• Core functions:
Coordinate development and submission of national proposals
Nominate Principal Recipients (PRs)
Oversee implementation of approved grant
Submit requests for continued funding
Approve reprogramming
Ensure linkages and consistency between grants and national programs
CCMs in the New Funding Model
• Play a stronger leadership role
• Participate meaningfully in the National Strategic Plan
(NSP) discussions at country level
• Convene stakeholders to engage in inclusive country
dialogue and agree on funding split
Background on CCM Technical Support
The South Asia Hub has not provided support to
India’s CCM and is not in a position to comment on the
CCM in our home country.
• CCMs are facing various challenges in areas such as:
− Grant oversight
− Meaningful involvement of people living with diseases
− Conflicts of interest
− Technical expertise on funding priorities
• The Global Fund and other donors are working with technical support
providers to build capacity of CCMs to effectively perform their roles and
Guidelines for Effective CCMs
A Guide to Building and Running an Effective CCM
• Third edition of the guide jointly published with
• Serves as a “how to” guide for CCMs worldwide
• Target audience: CCM members, CCM secretariat
staff, PRs, other stakeholders
• Developed in collaboration with the CCM Hub at
the Global Fund Secretariat and Grant
Management Solutions
• Designed to be responsive to changes due to the
New Funding Model
Download the guide at:
Recent Work with CCMs
South Asia Hub technical support providers trained on Global Fund CCM selfassessment are providing assistance:
• In South Asia: Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea
• In Asia-Pacific: Indonesia and Sri Lanka
Processes use the Global Fund CCM Performance Assessment Tool to evaluate
the following eligibility requirements:
• Oversight planning and implementation
• CCM membership of affected communities and key populations
• Processes for electing non-government CCM members
• Management of conflict of interest on CCMs
Lessons Learned
Simplified guidelines demystify technical areas
Help CCMs build own capacity on Global Fund requirements
CCM self-assessment creates country-level dialogue about
key issues
Technical support providers (South Asia Hub, Grant
Management Solutions, Aidspan, etc.) should coordinate
efforts with the Global Fund (CCM Hub, Fund Portfolio
Managers, Country Teams, etc.) to ensure standardisation
and avoid duplication of support provided to CCMs
The Future of CCMs
Local ownership/country ownership is a powerful
organising principle.
Political considerations
Role of civil society
Representation by affected communities
Programming for key populations
Is the Global Fund more than a multilateral funder?
− Technical expertise
− In-country oversight
Thank you!
Our appreciation to:
Aidspan; Grant Management Solutions; German
BACKUP Initiative (GIZ); and the Global Fund.
Special thanks to:
Katy Pullen; David Garmaise; and our CCM
technical support team.
James Robertson
[email protected]