Autobiography: How did I become Me?
This is a Autobiography from when I was conceived till my life right now. I used a
program called prezi to create an internet project also. My prezi skims over the major
steps in a human forming from a single cell organism into a multimillion celled organism.
This Autobiography goes over the major points in more detail and shows that I
understand what organisms need to reproduce in both processes. From the time before I
was created, I was just a little microscopic organism, called a gamete. All gametes are
haploid cells. A haploid cell only has half the DNA of the organism, so if a human has 46
chromosomes that means a gamete has only 23 chromosomes, the amount of
chromosomes vary on every species. There are two types of gametes out in the world
there is a gamete called a sperm and a gamete called an egg. A sperm is a gamete that is
created by a male organism in my case a human. An egg is a gamete that is created by a
female organism in my case a human. My mother and father were created the same way I
was created through a process called sexual intercourse. This process is when a male and
female organism have sexual attraction towards each other. In this process the male and
female gametes meet and that process is called fertilization. Fertilization is the act of two
gametes one sperm and one egg joining and sharing genetic information. After I was
fertilized by my fathers sperm I started to become what is known as a zygote. A zygote is
an organism that starts to split into different cells through mitosis. Mitosis is also known
as Asexual reproduction. While I was in the womb I went through Asexual reproduction
to create my skin, hair, nails and vital organs. Asexual reproduction unlike Sexual
reproduction creates clones instead of having a haploid it creates a diploid. A diploid is a
cell which has all of its chromosomes. So in my case it has all 46 chromosomes. Every
cell in my body at that time has 46 chromosomes. Until I become an adolescent which is
a time period when I start to produce the same gametes that my father had created to
make me. After that process of my cells being divided I became an embryo. This embryo
grew for nine months in my mothers womb, and nine months later here I come, a process
called birth where my mother starts to give life to me. This process is a very painful
process and only occurs in the female body. This process can take days, hours or even
minutes it depends on how the baby is being delivered. My mother gave birth to me a
health baby boy, but there was something wrong with my right hand. My right hand had
an extra finger. I had two thumps on one hand, so in total on one hand I had 6 fingers.
The doctors were amazed that I had an extra finger on my right hand. At the age of one I
had that extra thumb removed due to my parents decision, they thought I would get
ridiculed because I wasn't “normal” they said. Only now I realized that there was
something that I never thought of before that my body used Asexual reproduction
(mitosis) to create this thumb that was removed. Eight months later I went back for a
check up at the surgeons office and he took and x-ray and he saw that my second thumb
was growing back so now I went back into surgery and they inserted a metal plate to stop
my thumb from growing back. My body had something missing from it so it started to
use Asexual reproduction (mitosis) to re-grow my thumb back. So after that I never could
go into an airport security check without me beeping on the way through the metal
detector. As I grew my body started to do more and more as I started to grow taller and
more developed, now I understand that I was going through Asexual reproduction
(mitosis) because my cells were multiplying. Few years later I started to become more
developed as a human being, I started to grow more hair, and my nails started to grow
faster. As the years past I became an adolescent, then I hit a process which is called
puberty. This process is when males start to become sexually active. Their testes which
are located in the scrotum have coiled tubes which produce sperm and when the sperm is
created it is stored in the epididymis, a coiled part of the sperm duct adjacent to the testes.
Additional structures, the prostate gland and seminal vesicles, produces seminal fluid,
which transports the sperm. This seminal fluid also contains much fructose, a sugar that
provides energy for the sperm. This whole process vary in age of the male, so male start
puberty early and some start later than others. Soon enough the male will be able to
produce offspring just like how my mother and father were 16 years ago. Males can
create sperm till the die but on the other hand females only has fertile eggs till she is at
the age of 50 years old, she hits menopause. Menopause is a process in which the female
is unable to produce anymore eggs for the male sperm to fertilize. This process only
happens in humans and not in any other creature or organism. Creating a human being
takes a long time and its amazing how you just started from two one celled organisms
called gametes and it produced a multimillion celled organism called a Human.
According to our Kupuna we all came from Po. They know this because there is a chant
that is 2102 lines long and is dedicated to Lonoikamakahiki, he is the god of fertility,
agriculture, birth, and the rain. He is a god that is represented by a cross piece of logs
with a white top on the top of the cross. This chant is called the Kumulipo and it has 2102
lines long and in this chant everything is balanced, if there is something in the ocean
there is it's opposite on land. For example there is a plant called a weke plant and if you
rub it's leaves your hand will smell like fish and there is a fish in the ocean that is called a
weke, so this chant is actually true everything is created in pairs. This chant has 16
chapters to it each chapter has different organisms being created. Our Kupuna memorized
all 2102 lines and had to recite it from memorize and if they got it wrong they would be
sacrificed to the god's. This chant is over a thousands years old. King Kalakau published
this chant in a book which is 66 pages long and contains all 16 chapters. This book can be
seen at the Bishop Museum in 'Oahu. King Kalakau was a very activist in the Hawaiian
community he even brought back the art of hula to Hawai'i. My NETS skills project
shows my understanding in how I was created through both process of reproduction
which are Asexual (mitosis) and Sexual (meiosis) reproduction. My NETS skills project
also shows that I can relate my culture to my understanding of Biology and how things
are created. The type of NETS skills product I decided to use was a prezi presentation.
My prezi shows that I can incorporate 21st century technology to further my learning in a
certain area of study.