Network Administration

Network Administration
At SUNY Ulster
Why Network Administration?
Why Network Administration?
Skills in Demand 2009
 #1) Technology:
 data communications, software engineering,
software designing, network and system
#2) Nursing.
Skills in Demand 2010
1. Computer specialists including database
administrators, network administrators
systems analysts, and computer scientists.
2. Nurses
1. Biomedical Engineers
2. Network systems and Data communications
Why SUNY Ulster?
Class of 2006
Spring 2010
Why SUNY Ulster ?
 Top Quality Certified and Experienced
 We are a Cisco REGIONAL Academy.
 High Quality Students – Can YOU cut it?
 Cisco and Microsoft training are NOT for
everyone. They demand highly motivated
 The rewards are great.
Here are Some
Why SUNY Ulster?
 We offer a four course Cisco CCNA sequence
 We offer a four course Cisco CCNP advanced
 We offer a five course Microsoft sequence
 Operating systems, A plus, Linux and BSD
 Plus an outstanding selection of mathematics,
science, business and liberal arts courses to round
out your degree.
Lots of Equipment and hands-on training.
 A dedicated networking lab with over 30
workstations, plus multiple computer labs.
 5 CCNA Lab sets plus spares
– 2600 & 1700 Series Routers; 2900XL, 2950, 3550 Switches, Adtran
Atlas 500s, WRT300N Wireless R.(16)
 4 Advanced CCNP Lab sets (Router Bundle, Switchblock Wireless)
– 2811 & 1841Routers; 3560, 3550, 2960 and 4000 series Switches,
Adtran Atlas 500 WAN emulators, Wireless lab.
Why SUNY Ulster ?
 And We’re backed by the largest IT training
organization in the world …
NETRIDERS Competition
Netriders Semi-Final in Manhattan
What is a Network anyway?
 A network can be as simple as two
computers linked by a special cable and
sharing files or a printer.
 A network can be as complicated as the
entire Internet.
 A network can be as small or large as you
want it to be.
 We prepare you for it all.
Heavy Duty Servers
Old Style Firewall
New Firewall
Network MDF
Graduates working in the Field
Tell us more about the Internet
 Warriors of the net (click)