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Key Components
of Each Theme
Population & Settlement
1. Demography:
Definition: The study of the
characteristics of human
populations, such as size, growth,
density, distribution, and vital
 A) The # of inhabitants
 B) The composition of the population
 Usually by linguistic groups ex: French, English
 C) Population growth:
 Is the population increasing, decreasing,
staying the same?
2. Migration Flows
Definition: People moving from one
place to another. Not only from
country to country, it could even
be within a province.
2. Migration Flows
 A) Groups that are migrating:
 Who is moving
 B) Reasons they are migrating
 Why are they moving
 C) Where are they settling?
 Emigration means LEAVING
3. Effects
What happens as a result of
migration or population
A) On the population
B) On the territory
Economy & Development
1. Main product:
What is the main thing being sold.
1. Main product
 A) Reason for the demand:
 Why do people want to buy this?
 B) Effects on the territory:
 What happens to the territory?
 Ex: If paper is in high demand, a lot of
trees will be cut down.
1. Main product
 C) Effects on the people:
 Are more jobs created? Do people make
more money?
 D) Main market:
 What country is buying this product?
 E) Regions that develop:
 Do certain areas become more popular?
2. Economic Policies
 Economic policies change how the
economy is running. A policy could be
something like lowering taxes or
agreeing to trade with a certain
2. Economic Policies
 A) Who puts the policy in place?
 B) What is the purpose of the policy?
 Why did someone decide to create
this policy?
 C) What is the impact of the policy?
 Does it work? Do people lose jobs?
Culture & Currents of Thought
 1. Word that ends with “ism”:
 The culture section is basically a
bunch of words that end with “ism”
 Ex: animism, absolutism, feminism
1. Word that ends with “ISM”
 A) Description:
 What does this word mean?
 B) Characteristics:
 What are some key things about this
1. Word that ends with “ISM”
 C) Key players:
 Who are some Quebecois or Canadian
people that represent this word.
 D) Forms of cultural expression:
 How can you see this “ISM” word in
 Ex: buildings, movies, books etc.
Official Power & Countervailing
 1. An official power (usually the
 VS
 A Countervailing power (usually a
small group that is not part of the
1. An official power VS a
countervailing power
 A) Main people for the official power
 B) Main people for the countervailing
 Who are their key representatives?
1. An official power VS a
countervailing power
 C) What do the groups disagree upon?
 D) Demands made by each power
 What do they want?
 E) How each group tries to influence
 What do they do to try and get their
way? Protest? Revolution? Violence?
1. An official power VS a
countervailing power
F) The result of this “conflict”
Who wins in the end? Does the
government change?