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Unit 2 goals: Students will be able to
 understand romanticism as a literary movement
 identify elements of transcendentalism
 interpret symbol and allegory
 identify and analyze satire
 determine an author’s point of view or purpose; analyze style and content
 write a synthesis paper with proper MLA citations and works cited page
Dec 5- reading/work time for novel- discussion
grammar pg. 285
notes on Whitman/Dickinson PPT
read Whitman poetry
Dec 3- reading time for novel- quiz to page 138
grammar- begin comma practice 284
notes on compare contrast + trigger words
Begin reading Whitman’s poetry
Dec 1- reading/ work time for Freedom Writer’s Diary
grammar practice- Common Assessment style
American Renaissance review worksheet
Nov. 25- reading/ work time for Freedom Writer’s Diary
grammar practice
Nov. 21- reading/ work time for Freedom Writer’s Diary
Into the Wild DCQ due today
Nov. 19- Begin reading Freedom Writers Diary reading schedule + assignment
Read Hawthorne’s “The Minister’s Black Veil” in workbook
Nov. 17- gather quotes from the novel to use in the paper
discuss paper format and expectations- TYPED FINAL DRAFT DUE FRIDAY 11/21
after lunch- check out Freedom Writers Diary
To access the links below, you need to click control and the link in order to open it. It IS a download, so you
may also have to check your download files.
U:\rodrigue-restored\My Docs\Into the Wild\intro paragraph model.docx intro paragraph model
U:\rodrigue-restored\My Docs\Into the Wild\quotes from Saverin article.docx Saverin article
U:\rodrigue-restored\My Docs\Into the Wild\quotes from novel.docx quotes from novel
Nov. 13- Into the Wild final exam
Read “The Chris McCandless Obsession Problem” take notes for use on the paper
Nov. 10- grammar practice
finish reading Into the Wild
Nov.6- grammar practice
read from ITW
Nov. 4- Into the Wild quiz
grammar collective nouns practice
read from ITW
Oct 31- ITW: 17- Epilogue
practice grammar
Lit book: Emerson- “Self-Reliance” and “Nature”; Thoreau- “Walden”
Oct 29- ITW: 15-16 quotes due
DCQ notes
practice grammar 18-h-i
American Renaissance notes
DCQ notes
Oct 27- ITW: 12-13 quotes due
take grammar notes 18 h-l
Interactive Reader (IR): Read “The Tide Rises and the Tide Falls” by Longfellow; complete active reading
Read from ITW for the remainder
Oct 23- ITW: 10-11 quotes due
grammar practice
Bryant and Longfellow poetry
Oct 21- ITW: 8-9 quotes due
grammar practice
read “The Devil and Tom Walker” from interactive reader
read from Into the Wild
Oct 17- ITW: 6-7 quotes due
Begin Romanticism unit
read from Into the Wild
Unit 1 goals: Students will be able to
 understand historical and social forces that shaped culture and society in North America before 1800
 identify the influence of history on the literary works of the Early America period
 examine the influence of Puritanism and rationalism in contemporary American life
 read a timeline
Oct. 15- ITW: 4-5 quotes due
Practice 18 d 3.5 practice
Pass back papers
Unit one practice exam- Puritan/ Revolutionary
** PSAT 15th; Earthquake Drill 16th
Oct. 10- ITW: quotes due (ch. 1-3) ch. 4-6 due next time
Writing: go through proper quote incorporation and punctuation
Grammar practice rules 18d Practice 3
Read Franklin’s “Autobiography”- Deism/Rationalism notes
Oct. 6- SL: final exam; check out Into the Wild assignment and reading schedule
Grammar: Practice subject – verb agreement #1 practice
Jefferson from Interactive Reader
Oct. 2- SL: 23-24 Woohoo! You finished The Scarlet Letter! Please be ready for your final exam Tues of next week
Grammar: Subject Verb Agreement notes
Lit book: Finish Henry (228) Read Jefferson (238); Discuss rhetorical devices, argumentative strategies
Sept. 30- SL: 21-22 quiz/discussion,
Lit Book: Read Henry (228)
hand back essay revisions; rewrite for a 2nd time (graded revision score)
Sept. 26- SL; 19-20 quiz/discussion, Grammar page 580 Exercise 1 practicing pronoun number (1-10)
Lit Book: Practice OPTIC strategy with picture; read “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” mark the text in the
interactive reader; essay revision due
Sept. 24 SL: 17-18 due; quiz/discussion, discuss common mistakes with the college app paper; due Friday
Lit Book: Read Bradstreet and Taylor; compare and contrast the two literary works
Sept 22
SL: 15-16 due; quiz discussion
Return college app papers; discuss strengths and weaknesses; typed 2nd draft is due Friday
Lit Book: finish Equiano/Bradford assignment from last class in groups
Sept. 18
SL: 13-14 due; quiz/discussion
Lit Book: Read Equiano and Bradford as a class, share PPT; kids copy PowerPoint bullet in order to begin analysis
Sept. 16
SL: 11-12 due; quiz/discussion in groups about 2nd scaffold scene
group kids according to college app narrative prompts; brainstorm ideas for the paper
Give 40 minutes for the timed write
Sept. 12
SL: 9-10 due; quiz
Lit book: “The World on Turtles’ Back”
-Talk about narrative writing (notes)-explain the Common App essay and its expectations (Narrative essay assignment)
Sept 10- Scarlet Letter - questions? quiz chapter 5-8
Finish unit 1 notes
Lit Book: "The World on Turtle's Back"; Analyzing literature, comparing and contrasting creation stories, drawing
conclusions about myths