Child and Adult Care Food Program Dual Sponsors Exchange

Child and Adult Care Food Program
Dual Sponsors Exchange Meeting
May 19, 2015
9 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Hilton Austin Airport
9515 Hotel Drive
Austin, Texas 78719
Sponsors Present:
Dawn Fobbs, We Are Caring Hearts
Lauren Weston, We Are Caring Hearts
Clemencia Cuellar, Sol Care Services
Magda Gonzalez, Sol Care Services
Suzana Rez, El Paso Human Services
Alma Langrum, AJL’s Wings of Hope
Paulette Wiley, Kiddies Workshop
Johnny Ragan, Kiddies Workshop
Paula Beight, Cool Kids
Deborah Kolenda, Cool Kids
Cynthia Price, All Children Nutrition
Charles Price, All Children Nutrition
Katrina Milloway, Red River CCFP
Angela Young, Child Care Group
Nguyen Nguyen, Right From the Start
Giao Pham, Right From the Start
Gerry Hurwitz, Child Food Program of Texas
Carole Kloper, Child Food Program of Texas
Sharon Ray, Nutriservice
Vickie Keys, Food for Kids
Yolanda Keys, Food for Kid
TDA Food and Nutrition
Representatives Present
Angela Olige, Assistant Commissioner
Tracy Mueck, Administrator
Catherine Wright-Steele, Administrator
Melissa Dozier Gonzales, Director
Robin Roark, Director
Beth Thorson, Director
Sharon Wellborn, Director
Edgar Curtis, Director
Christine Bendana, Assistant Director
Kelli Wise, Coordinator
Marianne Hopper, Specialist
Welcome and Updates
A. Angelia Olige, Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Assistant
Commissioner for Food and Nutrition, opened the meeting with an
introduction and updates on TDA actions at 9 a.m.
Discussion of USDA Regulations and State Administration
A. Jo Ellen Collin, from U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Southwest Regional
Office, initiated a discussion to provide context for USDA regulations and
review TDA’s administration responsibilities for programs.
Discussion of Technical Assistance
A. TDA initiated a discussion of technical assistance and how the agency and
ESCs can improve technical assistance delivery.
B. It was determined that additional information on the following will be made
1. The process for contracting entities (CE) to seek technical assistance
2. Frequently asked questions from CEs will be made available on
SquareMeals website.
3. Details on the new TX-UNPS technical assistance module will be
developed and made available.
Questions and Answers for Application Issues
A. TDA provided answers to questions along with onsite technical assistance for
the most recent application renewal cycle and described changes planned for
the upcoming renewal process. Highlights included:
1. TDA has made adjustments to the application tiering process; a
summary of the adjustments will be available soon.
2. Dual sponsors are encouraged (although not required) to submit
applications by August 15, 2015.
3. All applications must have been submitted by the CE at least once
before October 1. TDA will work with the CE until Dec. 1, 2015 to
ensure the application is complete and approvable. Applications not
approvable as of December 1 will go into the Serious Deficiency (SD)
4. The 2016 application includes a new budget detail worksheet
designed to streamline the CE’s budget development and reduce
error rate that resulted from the previous two-step process.
5. A new upload documents feature will be available for CACFP July 1.
6. Once a compensation plan is approved, resubmitting is not required
unless there is a change.
Overview of Review Process
A. TDA provided clarification for the review process.
B. Review clarification highlights included:
1. Findings corrected during the review will be noted on the findings
2. TDA will develop materials to provide CEs a clear understanding of
the review process.
3. CEs will receive a preliminary findings report during the exit close
out conference. A CE signature on the report indicates receipt of the
report and not the CE’s acceptance of the primary preliminary
Discussion of Site Transfers
A. TDA initiated a discussion of site transfer concerns to provide clarification on
the process and the requirements.
1. TDA thanked everyone for attending and proposed continuing to hold dual
sponsor meetings.