Chapter 22 Study guide
19. What communication invention coincided with
1. What were some of the features of the Industrial
the advent of the railroad?
2. Who led the Industrial Revolution?
3. How did the Industrial Revolution affect the wage
20. What was the most dramatic environmental
change caused by the Industrial Revolution?
4. Which introduced crops hugely benefited the
Agricultural Revolution?
21. List the problems associated with the poor urban
neighborhoods in large, urbanized European cities.
5. Why were these crops so helpful to Europeans?
6. What five revolutionary innovations spurred
22. What were most industrial jobs like?
23. How did industrial work impact the family?
7. Describe the ‘putting-out’ system?
8. How did the middle-class help spread trade during
this period?
9. What kept other European countries from
industrializing between 1789 and 1815?
24. How were women’s wages compared to those
earned by men?
25. What was different about the reasons why single
women and married women took jobs?
10. What was the first European industry?
11. What does division of labor mean?
26. Which American cotton mills at first combined
profit with morality before giving in to greed?
12. What industry is a good example of mass
27. What did industrialization accentuate?
13. What is mechanization?
28. Who were ‘worst-off’ in industrial societies?
14. What was Abraham Darby’s discovery that
revolutionized the production of iron in 1709?
29. What is the effect of business cycles on society?
15. How did Darby’s invention affect the iron
industry and the environment?
16. What was the most revolutionary invention of the
Industrial Revolution? Who invented it?
30. Did workers’ standard of living improve before
17. Who developed the first practical steam engine?
31. Who benefited the most by the Industrial
18. How did the arrival of the steamship in America
change American transportation?
32. What does laissez faire mean?
33. What does Adam Smith argue in The Wealth of
34. What was Thomas Malthus philosophy on
35. Who readily accepted the idea of laissez faire?
36. How did workers resist harsh working
37. What was the effect of Chartism on labor?
38. What did the Factory Act of 1833 do?
39. What did the Mines Act of 1842 do?
40. How did Great Britain keep Egypt from
modernizing in the mid-1800s?
41. What ideas did the Industrial Revolution
42. What is the theory of positivism?