Nervous Muscular study guide

Muscular and Nervous system Test study guide
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Answer the following questions completely.
1) Define skeletal muscle. Is it voluntary or involuntary? Explain.
2) Define smooth muscle. Is it voluntary or involuntary? How do you know?
3) Define cardiac muscle. How is it different from smooth and skeletal muscle?
4) What is the Central Nervous System (CNS)? How is it different from the Peripheral Nervous System
5) What is the function of the nervous system?
6) What type of muscle do we have in our digestive system? What organs have this muscle? What evidence
do we have from our labs?
7) You are having a staring contest with your friend and you lose (You blinked first). Explain why you
couldn’t keep your eye open. What part of your nervous system are you using and what evidence do you
have from labs we did in class.
8) Label the following diagram with the CNS and PNS parts.
9) Label the neuron below. Then draw a line to match the word with the definition.
Insulates the cell so electrical signals can be passed
The “brain” of the nerve cell
Cell body
The long branch of the nerve cell connects with others
Myelin Sheath
Small branches of the nerve cell
*Dendrites – small branches that bring electrical signals to the cell body
* Axons – a long branch of the nerve cell that takes information away from the cell body
(Can we have a picture that shows the axon going through the myelin sheath to end in the terminal axon
branches? This way the students can see how long it is as well as the terminal ends leading to the
presynaptic terminal that releases neurotransmitters into the synaptic cleft.)