Severe Weather Webquest Student Copy

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Severe Weather WebQuest
Part 1 Explore to answer questions below
1) What is Meteorology?
2) What kind of clouds produce a thunderstorm and what three conditions are
produced from a thunderstorm?
3) What causes a thunderstorm and what seasons do thunderstorms usually
4) What causes lightning?
5) What causes thunder and why do we see lightning before we hear thunder?
6) To calculate how far away a storm is, count the number of seconds between
when you see the lightning and hear the thunder. Take the number of
seconds and divide by five that will tell you how far away the storm is in
miles. If you counted 20 seconds between the lightning and thunder, how
far away is the storm in miles? (Circle your answer)
a) 20 miles
b) 5 miles
c) 25 miles
d) 4 miles
e) 15 miles
7) What is a tornado?
8) Most tornadoes form from thunderstorms. How do tornadoes form?
9) What is a funnel cloud and how does it differ from a tornado?
10) What is a waterspout?
11) What is the largest hailstone recorded in the United States and when and
where did it occur?
12) What is the wind speed in a F3 tornado and what is the possible damage?
13) What is a hurricane?
14) What 5 things does a hurricane need?
15) When does hurricane season occur?
Part 2 Complete chart below
Severe weather type
Illustration (use 3 colors)
Part 3 Go to Brainpop user name:phillywilson password: wilsoncottman
Search “natural disasters” watch video and complete Classic Quiz.
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