The Periodic Table
Metals, Metalloids, and Nonmetals
* Group 1 are the Most REACTIVE metals
* Transition Metals Group 3 - Group 12
Physical Properties
Chemical Properties
1. Conductors (Heat and Electricity)
2. Have Luster (Shiny)
3. Malleable (rolled or flattened)
4. Ductile (pulled in a wire)
5. Solids at Room Temp
*Except Mercury, symbol Hg
1. Metals Corrode
Corrosion: the deterioration of
metals due to a chemical reaction
with the environment
Ex. Iron & Oxygen = Rust
• Group 17 most Reactive Nonmetals (the Halogens)
• Group 18 least Reactive (the Nobel Gases)
• Life on Earth Depends on Nonmetals (H,C,N,O)
Physical Properties
Chemical Properties
1. Poor Conductors
2. Dull (not shiny)
3. Brittle (Break easily)
4. Mostly Gases, a few Solids
*Except Bromine is a Liquid
1. Gain Electrons easily
due to location in the higher groups
Diatomic Molecule: Made up of two atoms
Ex. Oxygen = O2
Hydrogen = H2
They are the Staircase Elements
• Contain some properties of both metals and nonmetals
• All Solids at room temperature
Metalloids are Semiconductors. They can conduct electric currents
under some conditions, but not under others.