La campana (Write Everything!!!!)

La campana (Write Everything!!!!)
1. ¿Qué son las formas de ser?
2. In a stem-changing verb, which vowel
3. What are the endings to the verbs according
to subject pronouns (-ar,-er,-ir)?
4. In your rows (team) conjugate the stemchanging verb(repetir) for the subject
pronouns ( tú and nosotros) Elect one person
to explain the rules of why it is what it is.
3 Weeks Test Review
1. Escriban el vocabulario de la página cuarenta.
Translation: Write the vocabulary from page 40.
2. Write the conjugations for the stem-changing
verbs (dormir, jugar, preferir, entender, repetir)
3. I will call you up one at a time to show me how
to conjugate a stem-changing verb. (Be
4. When finished, write the paper on the white
board on the left.