Class: Honors English 10 Block 1 Dates: Monday, August 19th

Class: Honors English 10
Block 1
Dates: Monday, August 19th-23rd
Literature Objectives: I can…
 Identify and analyze conflict and its
 Analyze setting and its influence on mood
and conflict
 Analyze mood and suspense
Writing Objectives: I can…
 Use various techniques to create voice in
my writing
 Identify parts of speech
Monday, August 19: Modified day!
1. Hand out syllabus: Please return tomorrow!
2. Seating chart and candy bar test
3. Textbooks: test the online book for tomorrow
Tuesday, August 20:
1. Syllabus and questions
2. Weekly agenda
3. Literature: Unit #1 Plot, Setting and Mood
A. Constructed Response: What does “Honors Level” work look like?
B. Literary Analysis Workshop pg. 24:
i. handout: academic vocabulary
ii. Questions: pg. 25 #1-4
4. Writing: Finding your voice
A. mini-essay: “What would four people say about you?”
i. Rough draft due tomorrow
Wednesday, August 21st: Activity Period day and early out
1. Literature: Unit #1 Plot, Setting, and Mood
A. Read “Everyday Use” pg. 44 and Questions: 1-4, 6-9
-What makes something valuable?
B. Analysis: Conflict and character pg. 45
2. Writing: Essay partner revision
A. Paper is due on Friday
Thursday, August 22nd:
1. Literature: Unit #1
A. Reading quiz over “Everyday Use” and discussion questions
B. Read: “Searching for Summer” pg. 60 and Questions: #1-4, 8-11
-What do you take for granted?
C. Analysis: Setting and Mood pg. 61 and Vocabulary pg. 61
2. Computer Lab: Type essay
Friday, August 23rd:
1. Literature: Unit #1
A. Quiz over “Searching for Summer”:
B. Read “To Build a Fire” pg. 74 and Questions #1-4, 6-7, 9
-Should you trust your instincts?
C. Analysis: Setting and Conflict, Setting as antagonist
D. Vocabulary pg. 75 (connotation vs. denotation)
2. Grammar: Group project
3. Writing: Essay is due
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