Note Set 5


Note Set 5

Color is the element of art derived from reflected light

Color has three properties: Hue, Value, Intensity

Huethe name of a color

Valuethe darkness or lightness of a color

IntensityBrightness or Dullness of a hue

These properties of color change as an object gets further away .

This is due to atmospheric perspecitve.

So to make something look further away, you can change the properties of the color. You can make the colors less intense, more blue, and a lighter value.

You can also give the feeling of depth by adding less detail to the items that are further away.

Also notice that the colors are less intense, more blue, and a lighter value

Another way to create the feeling of depth on a flat surface is the use of linear perspective .

In Medieval times, drawings looked flat .

Filippo Brunelleschi - is considered to be the father of modern perspective

Brunelleschi was a well known architect of the Italian Renaissance.

The horizon line is where the ground and sky seem to meet.

Converging lines (Vanishing Lines) lead our eye into the vanishing point.

A vanishing point is a point in the distance where receding parallel lines seem to meet.