English 2

Welcome to Open House
• Your name
• Your student’s name
• Your daytime phone number
• What can you tell me about your student
that will help me ensure his or her success
in my class?
English 2 Priority Standards
English 2 Reading Priority Standards:
• I can summarize what I’m reading.
• I can use the context and word parts to determine
the meaning of an unknown word.
• I can use details from the informational and
persuasive text(s) to analyze and evaluate
organizational patterns.
• I can use details from the text to identify and
analyze tone.
English 2 Priority Standards
English 2 Writing Priority Standards:
• I can show an awareness of audience in my
writing, including choosing words to support the
tone(s) I need.
• I can write an essay with a thesis (strong
controlling idea) and relevant, specific supporting
• I can compose a text with relevant specific details.
• I can rearrange sentences or paragraphs to
achieve a logical order
Classroom Expectations
• Respect everyone and everything in the
• Be on time.
• Be prepared for class. (Bring all materials,
homework, texts, etc… necessary for learning)
• Challenge yourself—exceed your own
• Work cooperatively with your peers to build a
strong classroom community.
• Feel free to seek my help on any assignment,
minor or major.
Homework Policy
The syllabus states:
•It is your responsibility to keep track of
assignments and bring the finished
assignment to class. Late work will be
accepted for half-credit until the end of
each grading period. For that reason,
it is to your benefit to turn in all
Essay Policy
The syllabus states:
For all essays, 10 points will be deducted from your final score
each day the paper is late. This means if the paper is due on
Monday and you turn it in on Thursday, you will have lost 30
points on your work. If you would have earned an 85% on the
paper, now you will have a 55%. PLEASE turn papers in on
1) You conference with Ms. Pappas-Muyco, Ms. Kolker, or Mrs.
Silver on the paper during Academic Lab or after school;
2) You make structural changes to your paper (other than
spelling and/or grammar corrections);
3) You did not turn in your paper on the due date.
Grading Policy
The syllabus states:
• Grades are established by a point system. I keep a running total
of points accumulated during a semester. The points are then
converted into a percentage. The following grading scale
• This course will also implement the no-zero policy. All major
requirements of the course must be complete before a final
grade is issued to you. If you have a missing assignment, your
grade in the course will stand as an “Incomplete” until you have
fulfilled all requirements.
• There are opportunities available for students who are receiving
an 87% or higher to exempt out of assignments and quizzes.
These opportunities will be available periodically throughout a
semester and will be announced prior to the due date.
Titles We Will Cover
• Tuesdays with Morrie
• Of Mice and Men
• Othello
• A Thousand Splendid Suns
• Right Behind You
• The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.
• In addition to these texts, we will complete
both a nonfiction and poetry unit.
Contact Info
• Angie Pappas-Muyco
[email protected]
• Kristin Kolker
[email protected]