Secrets of War: The Balkans Tinderbox
Identify the following people or organizations and explain their role in the events of the Balkans in the 20th century.
 Slobodan Milošević
Radovan Karadzic
Želijko Ražnatović aka Arkan
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
The Black Hand
Joseph Broz Tito
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Ustaša (Ustashe)
Joseph Stalin
Harry Truman
Franjo Tuđman
Kosovo Liberation Army
United Nations
Answer the following questions while watching the video. They are in order. 
1. How was the end of the 20th century in Europe the same as it began?
2. When did the last war in the Balkans begin? How did it begin?
3. Who responded to the Serbian actions in Kosovo?
4. How long did the bombing last in Kosovo?
5. What remained in the region after the war came to an end?
6. Which two empires divided the Balkans between themselves and controlled the region for more than 500 years?
7. How did these empires contribute to the growing ethnic differences in the empire?
8. When did the people in the Balkans begin to unite?
9. What does Yugoslavia mean?
10. What happened in the region in 1912?
11. What happened in the region in 1914?
12. How did the Austrian Empire respond to what happened in Sarajevo in June 1914?
13. What happened on July 27, 1914?
14. What were the events that led to the series of political alliances leading up to WWI?
15. Which countries supported Balkan independence?
16. When did WWI end?
17. How did the Treaty of Versailles affect the Balkan region?
18. What political party gained control of Yugoslavia?
19. Who picked the leader of the communist party in Yugoslavia?
20. What happened on March 25, 2941?
21. What is Operation Punishment and why was it put into action?
22. What happened in Croatia under the Ustaša regime?
23. Why did the British end up supporting Tito’s Partisan army?
24. What happened in Belgrade on Oct. 16, 1944?
25. How did Tito help alleviate tension between ethnic groups in Yugoslavia?
26. Describe the relationship between Tito/Yugoslavia and Stalin/Soviet Union.
27. How did Western powers view Yugoslavia from 1945-1989?
28. What happened in Yugoslavia after the fall of communism?
29. What was Yugoslavia’s role in the collapse of the Soviet Union?
30. What happened in Yugoslavia after the death of Tito?
31. What happened in Kosovo under Slobodan Milošević?
32. Which republics first gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991?
33. How did Milošević react to these independence movements?
34. Describe what happened as a result of Croatia’s vote and declaration of independence from Yugoslavia.
35. How did the international community respond to the events in the Balkans in 1991-1992?
36. What is ethnic cleansing?
37. Describe the events that happened in Bosnia starting in November 1992.
38. What is the RAM Plan?
39. Who committed the worst atrocities in Bosnia according to the released International War Crime Tribunal
40. Describe the response of the international community to the war in Bosnia.
41. What is the Dayton Peace Accord?
42. Who did the International War Crimes Tribunal name as most responsible for events in Bosnia?
43. Who made up 90% of the population in Kosovo?
44. What caused Milošević to declare martial law in Kosovo?
45. Describe events that took place in Kosovo between the KLA and Serb forces.
46. What happened in May 1999? Why is it significant?
47. When ethnic Albanians and Serbs talk about modern politics, how do they respond?
48. Why does the Balkans continue to remain a tinderbox?
Label the following maps using information from the following website:
Balkans c. 1900
Balkans c. 1945
Balkans c. 2015