The Study of Consciousness

The Study of Consciousness
Consciousness As A Construct
Psychologist believe that consciousness can be studied because it
can be linked with measurable behaviors like talking
Consciousness can’t be seen, touched, or measured directly
We can theorize how sleep or alcohol affects consciousness, and
come up with ways of testing the theories
Some people think that intelligence results in behavior, but there’s
no way to know for sure
Meanings of Consciousness
Consciousness is used in multiple ways
There is more than one type of Awareness
Sensory Awareness
Inner Awareness
Sense of self that each person experiences
Consciousness As Sensory Awareness
Selective attention – Focusing on a particular
To pay attention in class, we must screen out rustling
papers and scraping chairs.
Consciousness As Direct Inner Awareness
The direct inner awareness refers to the surreal feeling of
what’s happening in your consciousness. Anytime you are
aware of feeling angry or other abstract concepts of love,
you do not hear, see, smell or touch thoughts. Images
emotions or emotions and memories. Yet you are still
conscious of them. Also the sense of self the realization
that as we grow older we know we are unique individuals
in other words consciousness is the sense of self which we
are aware of ourselves and our existence.
Levels of Consciousness
The Preconscious Level – Although you are not consciously thinking
about any information before you are asked a question, you can
probably answer it with ease. Preconscious ideas are not in your
awareness right now, but you could recall them if you had to.
The Unconscious Level – Information stored in the unconscious is
unavailable to awareness under most circumstances.
Nonconscious Level – When you do something without actually
knowing or feeling that you are doing it. For example, you blink
when you step from the dark into the light, but you cannot feel
your pupils growing smaller.
Altered States of Consciousness
A type of consciousness other than normal walking
Consciousness – refers to the walking state
Sleep, under the influence of drugs, meditation and
hypnosis are altered states of consciousness.
States of Consciousness
Section 1 Review
What are three psychological constructs?
List and describe 3 levels of consciousness at which
awareness is limited.
Do you think a person can understand the
consciousness of another person? Why or why not?