Final Exam ReviewBusiness CommunicationBUS 207 Chapter 9

Final Exam Review
Business Communication
BUS 207
Chapter 9
1. What is the goal of a report? To get your ideas across to your readers
What are the characteristics of an informal report? it is typically much shorter
than a formal report. These reports use personal pronouns and contractions, and
no contents page is included. Informal reports can be formatted like a memo.
2. What is the difference between informative and analytical reports?
informative reports
analytical reports
present facts and data
only.without analysis or
analyze data, draw
conclusions, and make
1. When should you put conclusions and recommendations at the end of a
report? Indirect pattern
2. When should you put conclusions and recommendations in the start of
the body of a report? Direct pattern
3. What type of report did we practice in this class? Direct pattern
4. When should you use the direct pattern? !!!!!! If readers are informed
readers are supportive
If readers are eager to have results first.
5. What is the difference between a business letter and report in letter
business letter
business report
Very Short
Several pages
Most reports to company insiders
Shorter sentences, familiar words
6. What are the characteristics of a report in memo format? informal report
sent within organizations, short, begin with background information.
7. What are the characteristics of a report in manuscript format? longer,
more formal reports, printed on plain paper, begin with title
8. What are the characteristics of a report in printed forms? Prepared used
for repetitive data
9. What are the characteristics of a report in digital format? useful for
collaboration and for posting online.
10. What are two things you should consider before you write a report ?? 1Determining the problem and purpose of your reports 2- gathering data
11. What is an information report? That collect and organize information,
routine activities, trip reports.
12. What is a progress report? The headway of nonroutine activities
13. What is a recommendation/justification report? Present information,
analysis data, solve problems.
14. What is a feasibility report? When a company must decide whether to
proceed with a plan of action.
15. What three types of reports present data, draw conclusions and make
recommendations? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16. Name 3 different organizations patterns of information reports Police
reports , hospital reports , monthly sales reports
17. Select the report category and appropriate format for each situation
Final Exam Review
Business Communication
BUS 207
a. You want to tell management about an idea you have for
consolidating two departments in order to eliminate redundancy
and lower expenses. ( recommendation report/ memo format)
b. Your supervisor asks you to review the Apple iPhone to determine
if the gadget would work with your corporate e-mail system.
( feasibility report / memo format)
c. You are in charge of developing a new procedure for payroll
processing. Your boss wants to know what you have done thus far.
( progress report/ memo format)
d. You were selected to record the meeting of a project team where
new tasks were assigned to each member (minutes of meeting/
memo format )
e. As accounting department manager, you have been asked to
describe for all employees your procedure for processing expense
claims. ( summaries report , ………)
f. As a security officer, you are writing a report of an office break-in.
( information report/ printed format)