Answer Key for -

Answer Key for The Maze Runner by James Dasher
Chapter 7-8, pages 42-57
Share your personal vocabulary words with your group and record any word(s) and definition
that you were not sure of.
Challenging Vocabulary Words
Use a dictionary and the context clues provided in the novel to define the following word
Chapter 7
lodged (pg. 44): to settle in one place (past tense)
baffling (pg. 44): confusing, puzzling
skittering (pg. 45): to go run or glide lightly or rapidly
Chapter 8
muffled (pg. 53): to deaden sounds by wrapping or other means
palpable (pg. 55): readily or plainly seen or heard; obvious, evident; capable of
being touched or felt
morbid (pg. 56): gloomy, unpleasant feeling; often associated with death
Comprehension Questions
1. What information does Thomas learn on the tour?
He learned about the Box and that they got supplies from it once a week and a new boy
once a month. The Glade is cut into 4 sections: Gardens, Blood House, Homestead, and
Deadheads. He learned that boys had died there and that Alby had been there the
longest, two years.
2. What surprising event happened at the end of Chapter 7? How did the others react?
The surprising event happened was another Newbies was coming up in the Box. The
others were stunned, they never got two people in two days, usually it is one a month.
3. What happened when the kids tried to send various items down in the Box and/or the
hole? Why did they stop trying?
It would not move if someone was inside it. People fell into the hole and never returned.
A boy tried going down an ivy rope and was cut in half. They tried everything they could
think of and nothing worked, so they just quit trying. They were afraid more boys would
be hurt.
4. What was different about this Newbie?
The Newbie was a girl, she was unconscious, and she was clutching a note. She arrived
the day after Thomas.
5. What did the note say?
She’s the last one. Ever.