Edmodo for Everyone ETEC 5213

Mike Benoit
June 21st,2013
What is Edmodo?
• Edmodo is a digital classroom that resembles
• Edmodo allows you to “connect” with students
both at school and at home.
• It allows you to share files and links with
• Best of all, Edmodo is FREE!
How can I use Edmodo?
• Teachers can use Edmodo for numerous
• It can be used for file storage and
• It can be used as a “digital classroom”.
• It can even be used a method of contact for
your students.
What does Edmodo look like?
• Edmodo was created to resemble Facebook.
• The design allows for an easy transition for
students who use Facebook.
• Everything you need is shown on your
How do I begin using Edmodo?
• To begin, visit www.edmodo.com to sign up for a
FREE account.
• Then click on “I’m a Teacher”.
• Some districts have school
specific codes.
Screen shot
• Make sure to check with
your technology
I’ve signed up, now what?
• Now we begin by setting up your profile.
• Enter all the relevant information about
• Remember, only list the information that
you want people to know about!
• Having a profile allows other people to
“connect” with you.
Alerts and Notifications
• Edmodo will alert you anytime:
• Someone sends a message to you.
• Someone sends a message to the class.
• You get a new group member.
• A teacher wants to connect with you.
• You can choose to receive these either as
text messages or e-mails.
• You can also choose to shut them off.
• To set up your alerts, first click on
“Account” and then click on “Settings”.
• Next, click on “Email
and Text Updates”.
• Uncheck any alert
you do NOT want to
receive and set your
notification type.
Screen shot
Screen shot
Setting up your classes.
• You have several options for your classes.
• You can set up one large class for all of
your students.
• If you teach multiple periods, you can
create a class for each period.
• You can even create small groups within
the classes.
• Let’s begin by finding “Groups” in the
left pane.
• Now, let’s click on “Create” to begin
creating classes.
• Give your group a name and set
Screen shot
up your grade level(s) and subject
• When you are done, click on
Screen shot
Parental Permission
• Since Edmodo has a social aspect, I make
sure to ask for parental permission.
• By doing this, you give the parents a choice
whether to allow their child to participate.
• I accomplish this by sending home a few
forms at the beginning of the year.
Can my students use Edmodo at home?
• Edmodo is accessible from
anywhere with an internet
• It is even accessible using mobile
• There are both Apple and Android
Edmodo apps.
A student using his
Edmodo app in class.
Edmodo Apps
• There are slight
differences between the
website and the apps.
• Everything that can be
done on the website
can be done using the
mobile apps.
• Students can even take
quizzes on their
• Here’s a great “How To Edmodo” picture that can
be passed out to your students.
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