3.5.4 Diabetes - misslongscience

3.5.4 Diabetes
L.O: to distinguish between Type 1 and
Type 2 diabetes
to apply knowledge of homeostasis to
past exam questions
Starter: Write what you know
about diabetes on your
post-it note
What Do you Know So Far?
3.5.4 Diabetes
Type 1
Type 2
Use the NHS info to
complete this table. Remember the
Information will be written in a
more accessible style, so improve the
vocabulary by adding more scientific terms
from last lesson
Application of Knowledge
Apply your knowledge of homeostasis to the
exam question
Extension questions:
1. Why do diabetics feel thirsty? (BIOL1 link)
2. Why do diabetics lose glucose in their urine?
3. Insulin for diabetics used to come from pigs,
why might this pose a problem? (BIOL1 link)
4. How is insulin now produced? (BIOL5)
Banting and Best (HSW)