Economics 328

Economics 328
Public Finance
Spring, 2010
Dr. W. M. Wadman
CH 220D
962-3512 (leave a message)
[email protected]
Office Hours: MWF: 3:30-4:30
or by appointment
Course Days and Time: M-W-F, 12:00 to 12:50
Course Location:
Cameron Hall, Room 110
Course Description: This course examines the role of government
in the economy of the United States. The emphasis is on the
Federal government, but some attention is also given to state
and local government. The course is divided into two major
components: the expenditure activities of government and the
generation of revenue by the government. Coverage is also given
to the reasons for and against governmental involvement in the
economy. There is also some coverage of international public
finance. It is expected that the student has had a course in
microeconomic principles.
Text: Harvey S. Rosen and Ted Gayer, PUBLIC FINANCE, eighth
edition, 2008.
Tests and Grading: There will be three essay-type exams,
consisting of two mid-term exams and a final exam. The mid-term
exams will each count 35 percent of the class grade. The final
exam will count 30 percent of the overall grade. For those
students between grades, class room participation will be
included in determining class grade. The plus or minus grading
system applies in this class.