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Ecobot Marketing
Competition Training
Design a Marketing Plan
• Name your company.
• Pick an environmental issue.
• What do you want to invent?
• Determine your market.
• Set your price.
• Devise a slogan.
Create a Company Name
• Who are you?
• A name can be very powerful. What will
your name say about you?
• Who is your target audience?
• What type of services will your
robot provide?
Define Environmental Need
• Pick an issue that addresses the
competition theme (reduce, reuse,
recycle, and conserve).
• What does the environment need?
For example: Clean air, recycling,
more vegetation
• How will your robot impact the
environment for the future?
• How will your robot be useful to the
Explain Your Invention
• What does your robot do?
• Are the parts of your robot recyclable or
• What environmental service will your robot
• What tasks will your robot perform?
• What makes your robot
different from the others already
on the market?
Determine Your Marketing Strategy
Ask yourself the following questions about
your target industries:
What industries will you market to?
Where are they located?
What are their needs?
What do they value?
Why would they be interested in your product?
How would your robot be useful to their
Set the Price
• How much will your robot cost?
• What is the right number that will attract
industries to purchase your robot?
• Is your price below or above current
market value?
• How much will you need to charge in order
to make a profit?
• Will you offer additional services, such as
warranties and insurance?
Develop a slogan
• Create a slogan that will explain your
EcoBot’s mission in “Saving the Earth”.
• Make sure that your slogan is catchy and
easy to market.
• Examples:
• It’s the real thing = Coke
• Just Do It = Nike
Presentation Rules
• You must use Microsoft PowerPoint software,
however you may stream video clips into your
PowerPoint format.
• Your presentation must contain a maximum of 5
• Your presentation must not be larger than 3 MB.
• You will have 5 minutes to present the PowerPoint
and 2 minutes for questions from the judges.
• Participants are encouraged not to read the slides.
Important Deadlines
• Presentations are due on Monday, April 5,
2010 at 9:00 a.m.
• PowerPoints must be sent via e-mail to
[email protected]
• Teams selected to present will be notified
on Friday, April 9, 2010.
• The EcoBot Challenge will be held on
Saturday, April 17, 2010.
Ne’Cauje Turner
CASE Models Coordinator
Harris County Department of Education
(713) 696-0774
[email protected]