Semester 1 Exam ELA 7-STUDY GUIDE

Semester 1 Exam ELA 7-STUDY GUIDE
Direction- Complete the below by writing the answer on the line provided. If you can do this without your notes, you are ready for the
final. If not, you need to STUDY!!
“Seventh Grade” Literature book page 112
1. What are Victor’s goals for seventh grade?_________________________________________________________
2. What does Victor do to try to impress Teresa?______________________________________________________
3. Why does Mr. Bueller keep silent about Victor?_____________________________________________________
4. Which is an accurate description of Teresa?________________________________________________________
5. Why do people try so hard to impress other people?_________________________________________________
“Annabel Lee” Literature book page 432
1. What are sensory images? _____________________ Find an example in the poem “Annabel Lee”
2. What is the Theme of the poem “Annabel Lee”? ________________________________________
3. Describe the mood of “Annabel Lee”.__________________________________
4. Find an example of Rhyme in the poem “Annabel Lee”._____________________________
10. What is a stanza? _____________________ How many stanzas long is the poem?_________
Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick
11. In Freak the Mighty, what does Max call his basement room?___________________________
12. In Freak the Mighty, Max gets what out of the tree for Freak?___________________________
13. Freak and Max first saw each other in _________________
14. What disability does Maxwell have? ____________________
15. Where is Max's mom?________________________
Final Exams begin 1/11/11
16. Where is Max's father?________________________
17. Why were Max and Freak good for each other? _____________________________
18. What is Max's father's name? _____________________________
19. Freak loves telling Max stories about ________________
20. __________________ tries to beat up Max and Freak on the 4th of July.
21. Tony D chases Freak and Max into the ____________________
22. When Freak takes Max on a quest in the middle of the night, they find a _________ that belongs to Loretta Lee.
23. Freak and Max go to the ________________, to return it to Loretta Lee.
24. ______________ and Max’s dad used to be friends. Hint: He is the leader of a motorcycle gang.
25. What did Loretta call Freak’s father? ___________________________
26. __________________, Max and Freak’s teacher, gets nervous when they begin marching around the room
the Mighty! Freak the Mighty!”
27. What word does Max frequently use to describe himself?__________________________________
28. When Freak says, “It was so quiet, you could hear a mouse fart,” it is an example of what type of figurative
29. What is the mood of Freak the Mighty?_________________________
30. What is the theme of the novel?______________________________
31. What are progressive verbs? ____________________________
Give an example of a progressive verb.____________________
32. What are past tense verbs?_______________________________
Give an example of a past tense verb.______________________
33. What does the acronym FANBOYS stand for?
Explain the differences between there/their/they’re?
35. What type of phrase is used in the below sentences? ______________________________
Although Henry was a good man, the people of the city did not vote for him.
Since the school was closed over the break, teacher and students had a restful time at home.
Hint:-It introduces the rest of the sentence…
chanting, “Freak
36. What is the proper way to use a semicolon?
37. What is the difference between its and it’s?_____________________________________________
38. What do the apostrophes in the below show?
William’s car is missing._____________________
They’re fish in the floor. ____________________
39. When should you use proper capitalization?
40. Can you revise this sentence correctly?
I kept studying maps, and I kept reciting the names of countries and reciting their capitals.
Monsters Are Due On Maple Street Literature Book pg. 840
41. What is it an example of?_____________________________
We may need this.
A shotgun? Good Lord-will anybody think a thought around here?
No more talk, Steve.
Charlie, what are you doing?
42. What is the job of the playwright?_______________________
43. What is it an example of?_____________________________
[Steve walks down the steps of his porch, walks down the street over to
Les Goodman's house, and then stops at the foot of the steps. Goodman
stands there, his wife behind him, very frightened. We see a close shot
of Les Goodman's face as he begins to speak.]
44. What was the overall mood of the drama The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street?__________________
45. Describe the character Tommy.__________________________________________________________
46. What is a teleplay?____________________________________________________________________
47. Why were the residents of Maple Street upset?_____________________________________________
48. Who were the real monsters on Maple Street?______________________________________________
49. Why was Les Goodman such a great target for the residents?__________________________________
Final Exams begin 1/11/11
50. What was the real reason behind the loss of power on Maple Street?_______________________________
Figurative Language
51. What is a metaphor?_________________________________________________________________
Give an example of a metaphor.___________________________________________________________
52. What is personification? _____________________________________________________________
Give an example of personification.________________________________________________________
53. What is a hyperbole?________________________________________________________________
Give an example of a hyperbole._______________________________________________________
54. What is a simile?____________________________________________________________________
Give an example of a simile.__________________________________________________________
55. What is an oxymoron?_______________________________________________________________
Give an example of an oxymoron._____________________________________________________
Solve the analogy.
56. desks : school :: books : ____
57. food : nourish :: water : _______
58. team leader: coach:: team symbol : _______
59. irritating : annoying :: gross : _____________________
60. god : Hades :: goddess : _____________________
Vocabulary in Context- Define the terms and be able to use context clues to determine their meaning.
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