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E&P Data Management-Standards

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• Importance of Data in E&P

• Data Integration Requirements

• Need for Data Standardization

• Benefits of Data Standardization

• Challenges

• Prevailing Data Standards

• Data Integration Approaches

• Available Technologies

• Open Standards Data Conversion Utility – Case Study

• Contacts

Importance of Data in E&P

• Data intensive E&P business processes

• Data for Analysis, Interpretation and Decision making

• Organize and store Enterprise Data for effective Knowledge


• Digital Oil-Fields

• Real Time Information Availability

E&P Data Transformation

Transform data into information

Acquisition Processing Interpretation Decision Making

Field Techniques


Data Transmission

Data Cleansing


Software tools



Business Decision


Data Transformation Information

E&P Data Processing Needs

• Improved Data Collection Methods

– Sensors

– Wireless data capture, Transmission

– Frequency and Increased Volume

• Data Processing & Interpretation

• Data Storage & Archival

– Data warehousing

– Storage, Retrieval, Search

• Re-Interpretation capabilities with

– New software technology

– New hardware processing powers

– Advanced techniques adoptions

Digital Information

MIS Data

Geological Data

Well Log Data

Production Data

Seismic Data

Drilling Data

GIS Data

Alert & Communication


Business Intelligence

Budgetary & Financial

Environment & Safety

Integrated Information Views

E&P Information Topology

Integration of data is a core requirement in E&P

Data Integration Requirements

• Utilize time in gathering and interpreting data rather than manipulating data formats

• Nice to have Work Flow based integrated business processes than having standalone systems in silos

• Seamless data flow between variety of hardware, software tools and systems

• Integration with minimum semantic loss

• Integration requirements arising due to corporate mergers, multiple technology landscapes etc.

Need for Data Standardization

• Data standardization plays an important role in

– Interoperability

– Protection of Investment in Technology

– Adoption of Latest analytical and modelling tools

– Information Sharing across Enterprises

– Regulatory Compliances

Benefits of Data Standardization

• Promote collaboration between vendors, operators, and standards organizations

• Expedite data receipt & loading, data search & tracking

• Enable workflow automation

• Easy and effective integration among enterprise tools

• Real time decision making

• Improved data quality

• Productivity improvements

• Eliminate need for point to point specifications for data exchange

Challenges in Data Management

• Heterogeneous Data - Standardization of data originating from different sources (both hardware and software)

• Handling large volumes of data

• Data cleaning and screening (Legacy Data)

• Data storage, archival and retrieval

• Proprietary unpublished data formats

Prevailing Open Data Standards

• Drilling standards – WITSML

• Production standards - PRODML

• Geophysics and reservoir standards – Geophysics ML

For the list of additional standards : Refer to http://www.energistics.org

Data Integration Approaches

• XML based Standards

• XML based Communication Patterns (SOAP)

• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

• End to End ERP Solutions

• Knowledge Management Tools

LAS to WITSML Conversion

A Case Study

Project Objectives

• To produce a tool to convert LAS log data to

WITSML TM with interactive and batch interfaces

• For use by log analysts, petrophysicists and data managers.

• To convert existing log data from CWLS LAS 2.0 format into WITSML™ wellLog data representation

Solution Architecture

Application Screens

Application Screens Contd..

Application Screens


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