Back to School September 26, 2008 Geometry

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Math/Science or Business
Algebra → Geometry →
Algebra II → Trigonometry
→ AP Calculus AB
Algebra → Geometry →
Algebra II → Finite →
AP Statistics
Number System
Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Expressions and Equations
Systems of Equations
Proportional Relationships, Lines, and
Linear Equations
Students will be Active Learners by:
•Asking Questions
•Monitoring there own progress
•Making a plan for learning
•Applying math to real life
•Being able to justify their answers and
communicate mathematical ideas
•Using resources such as textbooks, media, teacher
produced worksheets and manipulatives
Students will be Active Learners by:
•By working as:
•Large Groups (class)
3 Ring Binder
Also, 5 dividers so students can stay organized
Pencil (mechanical preferred) and
Pen (grading only) for every class day
I supply lead for all students. (0.5, 0.7, 0.9)
Comp Book (I purchased) for students must be in
class everyday
Learning Logs are in the back of the room and are to
be kept in class… in fear they will never come back
A list of all of the learning targets for the
◦ I can” statements
Students record scores from Quick Checks
and Exit Slips on their Learning Target Logs
◦ Quick Checks and Exit Slips are like “Quizzes”
Students will then make an “Action Plan” that
will increase knowledge to mastery.
Action Plans are made up of many things it is
up to the student to decide what will help the
student get to mastery of the content.
◦ Action Plans can include:
Teacher made worksheets
Internet website/App help
Annotated Notes (Flash cards, bubble maps, etc)
 Whatever the student thinks will help them achieve
This helps students, teacher, and parents to
know which of the learning targets a student
has mastered and which ones he/she needs
to practice.
Students should write down their plan in their
time tracker to insure parents are aware of
the action plan.
Students’ grade will be based
on scores received on unit
Homework will count towards
Work Habits grade.
Quick Checks and exit slips will be graded as
follows (usually the student grades their own
quick check):
Level Description
Student demonstrates a solid understanding of the
concept, no mistakes have been made
Student demonstrates a good understanding of the
concept, but is making minor mistakes
Student demonstrates a basic understanding of the
concept and needs more practice and/or additional
instruction from a knowledgeable other
Student demonstrates a limited understanding of
the concept and needs more practice and intensive
instruction from the teacher
Homework assignments will
be posted daily on the
CCMS homework website.
Mondays 2:20 – 3:00
Tuesdays 2:20 – 3:00
Thursdays 2:20 – 3:00
Unless there are
meetings or
Check in with your student about Action Plans
encourage them to review material that they do
not have a strong understanding in. Look at
Quick Checks to see what needs to be completed.
Check math notebook; ask what your child is
Encourage your child to have a positive attitude
about math
Help your child to see how math is used in
everyday life
Communicate if there is problem
Students should only be working on homework
that has already been taught in class. However,
they still sometimes get stuck. Help them to be
responsible for their own learning. Feel free to
help and guide!
Suggested Prompts:
Tell me where you are stuck
Tell me what you’ve done so far
What do the directions say?
Are the similar problems you can look at?
Are there some websites to look at?
Khan Academy – tutoring videos on a wide variety of topics
Sumdog – Math games – students can pick the skill they
want to practice and login as a guest for free – Math skills practice – students can select the
skill they want to practice, but limited to 20 questions per
day as a guest – flashcards for reviewing basic math facts
Thank you for attending back
to school night.
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