May 4, 2012 - IUPUI Registrar

Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (APPC)
Friday May 4, 2012
CE 268
Minutes—Minutes of the Friday April 13, 2012 meeting were distributed electronically.
Information Items
 Student Services Initiative (SSI)
o The business process reviews are beginning with significant work to be completed over the summer.
Classroom utilization reports by day of the week will be sent to Trustees each semester. Particular focus is on Friday
use of classrooms.
o It is important that we continue to focus on how to utilize Friday for classes and how to engage students in
enrolling in the classes.
ICHE has issued an RFP to evaluate financial aid policies and programs and recommend strategies that will utilize
financial aid to improve student success. Due date is August 2012.
o With the move of SSACI to ICHE and the continuing concern about shortfalls in scholarship funding, we should
anticipate changes designed to reduce state scholarship expenditures.
HB 1116 credit for military experiences based on ACE recommendations
o Sec. 2. Each state educational institution shall adopt a policy to award educational credit to an individual who:
(1) is enrolled in a state educational institution; and
(2) successfully completes courses that:
(A) are part of the individual's military service;
(B) meet the standards of the American Council on Education, or the council's successor organization,
for awarding academic credit; and
(C) meet the state educational institution's role, scope, and mission.
o Conversations are beginning to clarify what state institutions will be required to do to be compliant with this
legislation. There are concerns about how we can assure that we are awarding credit is comparable to the
content of our courses or that accomplishes the same learning objectives.
Administrative Withdrawal Policy ( )
o Site being changed to reflect BOTH the current policy and the new one that goes into effect Fall 2012 which
includes language for the syllabus
o The current administrative withdrawal policy information can be found at At the top of the page – in red – is a mention and link to the
new policy (effective Fall 2012).
Classroom space in Conference Center tentatively will be available January 2013.
o Information on the number and configuration of the classrooms is not yet available. The Registrar’s office will
provide information to the academic units as soon as it is available so that plans can be designed as part of the
schedule build process. Keep in mind that we will continue to be required to demonstrate good utilization of
our classrooms throughout the day and, particularly on Fridays, as noted above.
Serving multiracial students
o Multiracial is now our third largest minority “ethnicity/race” and it is our fastest growing population. We may
need to start having a better understanding of how to serve multiracial students on our campus because they
are almost as large a group as African American and Hispanic/Latino students.
Fall 2014 Academic Calendar adjustment
o Based on semester start and end dates for Spring and Summer 2014, an adjustment needs to be made to the
Fall 2014 calendar.
o As currently drafted, end of Summer 2014 and start of Fall 2014 would allow only a one week break.
o There are several critical campus programs that require a two week period prior to Fall classes and there is
typically longer than a one week break for faculty and students between Summer and Fall.
o Current and Proposed new dates are listed below:
Fall 2014
Classes Begin
Labor Day
Fall Break
Thk. Break
Classes Resume
Last day of Classes
Final Begin
Finals End
Grades due
TED*/Fully enrolled/fully
Classes Begin Spring 2015
Current IUPUI
M 8/18/2014
M 9/1/2014
M/T 10/13-14/2014
W 11/26-N
M 12/1/2014
M 12/8/2014
T 12/9/2014
M 12/15/2014
W 12/17/2014
Proposed New IUPUI
M 8/25/2014
M 9/1/2014
M/T 10/20-21/2014
F 12/19/2014
M 12/29/2014
M, January 10, 2015
M, January 10, 2015
W 11/26-N 11/30/2014
M 12/1/2014
M 12/15/2014
T 12/16/2014
M 12/22/2014
W 12/24/2014
*TED = Transcript Effective Date
**Fully enrolled/fully grd = Fully Graded date = end of official grade collection after which the statistics are
calculated on the transcript and that terms grades are available on the transcript.
o Calendar change proposal will be forwarded to IFC.
Academic Affairs Committee Report –Eric Wright, Chair
 Policy on IUPUI Emergency Withdrawal was passed by the IUPUI Faculty Council on May 1, 2012. The policy goes
into effect on July 1, 2012.
Items for Review, Discussion, or Action
 Departmental realignments within the School of Engineering and Technology, effective July 1, 2012--Stephen P.
o In support of the E&T Strategic Plan, Purdue Technology Departments and Programs in the School of Engineering
and Technology are being realigned effective July 1, 2012
 Department of Engineering Technology
 Biomedical Engineering Technology
 Architectural Technology
 Computer Engineering Technology
 Construction Engineering Management Technology
 Interior Design Technology
 Electrical Engineering Technology
 Mechanical Engineering Technology
 Motorsports Engineering
 MS in Technology (primarily Facilities Management specialization)
 Related Certificate programs
 Department of Computer Information and Graphics Technology
 Computer Graphics Technology
 MS in Technology (primarily IT specializations)
 Related Certificate programs
 Department of Technology Leadership and Communication
 Organizational Leadership and Supervision
 Technical Communications
 MS in Technology (primarily Technology Leadership and STEM Education specializations)
 Related Certificates
Proposals for Minor and Certificate Program in Latino Studies—School of Liberal Arts
SLA Certificate in
SLA Minor in Latino SLA Latino Studies
SLA Latino Studies
Latino Studies Proposal
- 04-24-12.pdf
Proposal - 04-24-12.pdf
Minor APPC Review 4Certificate
24 12.doc APPC Review 4-24-12.doc
Two documents were distributed at the meeting and are included at the end of the minutes. (appendix 1 and 2)
The APPC members recommended approval of the Certificate and the Minor in Latino Studies.
Resolving confusion on signature for grade replacement (expanded X)—Kim Lewis for Mary Beth Myers
o Dean’s signature is the only one required on form.
o Clearly the form is likely to be completed by an authorized representative of the Dean.
o The authorized representation should sign Dean’s name and then the authorized official’s signature as this is a
grade-related document.
o Determination of who is authorized to sign for the Dean lies within the academic unit.
Grade Forgiveness Policy—Kim Lewis for Mary Beth Myers
o IFC passed policy clearly states Grade Forgiveness (GF) must be invoked upon admission to degree-granting unit
AND student must not have attended a college/university for at least a minimum of three years.
o Registrar is expected to uphold that policy but the strict language often conflicts with reasonable scenarios.
o The Grade Forgiveness Policy will be reviewed by Academic Affairs Committee in AY 2012-13.
o In the meantime, the scenarios below are examples of what occurs, in practice, with respect to grade
forgiveness along with comment on whether each would be considered within the “spirit” of the Grade
Forgiveness policy.
 Jeff returns to IUPUI in 2010 after 5 years away (and has not attended any other school). He is readmitted
as a UCOL student. (UCOL is not a degree-granting unit, so cannot process GF). Jeff is now entering SPEA in
fall 2012. Since this is the first time he’s being admitted to a degree-granting unit, Jeff can apply for GF
upon entering the SPEA program.
 Jill was here in the 80s – came back for one year 2010 – took another break and returned in 2012. She has
been a Liberal Arts student during all terms of attendance. While she had NOT had three years since last
attendance at IUPUI, could the policy be interpreted that as long as Jill didn’t include the 2010 grades in the
GF request, she could still apply for GF for the courses taken in the 80’s? NO: This request should be denied
because there is nothing in the policy that allows us to decide to “not include the 2010 grades.” She did,
indeed, return in 2010 and should have applied for GF then. The policy is clear she is not eligible now as
she does not fit the three-year rule nor did she apply for GF upon re-admission to the degree-granting
After 8 years away, Jack returns to IUPUI in 2011 to the School of Science. SCIENCE does not honor grade
forgiveness. He wants to switch majors in 2012 and transfer to LIBA for the Fall 2012 term to complete a
different degree. Since this is his first opportunity to do so, Jack should be able to apply for GF.
If members have other examples of scenarios that should be considered during the Academic Affairs Committee
review of the policy, please provide them to Mary Beth Myers who will forward them to them to the AAC when
the new chair is determined.
“List of Department Contacts for various roles (Recorder, Course Scheduler, Data Supervisor, etc).—Kim Lewis for
Mary Beth Myers
o Data Supervisor is a single-point-of-contact in each unit who evaluates requests for system access and makes
the appropriate request to the Registrar Data Access Manager.
o Emergency Withdrawal Procedure passed by IFC in May 2012 requires a single-point-of-contact at each unit for
students who must withdraw based on an emergency situation.
o The Registrar will be collecting contact information from the academic units for each of these roles along with
other official roles including the School Recorder, Course Scheduler.
 It is important that the academic units establish delegates for each of the roles so that business can be
conducted when the primary person in the role is not available.
 Information on the role should be added to the job descriptions of the individuals assigned the roles.
o This collection will occur through the current Recorder+ Group; Recorders may be contacting individuals in the
units for confirmation of the correct individual
o This list will be maintained as part of the Recorder+Group activities.
Post Enrollment Requirement checking & Pre-Requisite Review—Kim Lewis for Mary Beth Myers
o Current practice is that units notify students they have not met pre-requisite and encourage students to drop
and choose another class. For students who do not drop the course, the course unit or student school may
submit drop/add forms to Registrar to drop students from courses with signature in advisor line and note “did
not meet pre-requisite.”
o New automated process being tested now with implementation projected in Fall 2012. More information in Fall
o Review of course pre-requisites will also be undertaken in Fall 2012 in light of the 30-credit hour core
Grade Change Submissions
o If the grade change is based on an appeal (petition), a statement that the change is based on an appeal
(petition) must be included in the note box so that the reason for the change is known.
Not Yet Registered Reports
o Per Mary Beth’s last message to the group (sent early April), the reports will be run on 5/15, 6/12, 7/10 and
o Enrollment of continuing students is down for Fall. Academic units are strongly encouraged to contact students
to encourage them to register.
Enrollment Deposits
o Due May 1. Individuals who have not submitted a deposit will receive a notice before admission is cancelled.
Future Agenda Items
 Transcript information on accreditation/certification status—Mary Beth Myers
 Course prerequisites and post-enrollment requirement checking (PERC)—Mary Beth Myers
 Baccalaureate in Latino Studies—School of Liberal Arts
Meeting Schedule for 2012-13
September 7, 2012
October 5, 2012
November 2, 2012
December 7, 2012
January 11, 2013*
February 1, 2013
March 1, 2013
April 12, 2013*
May 3, 2013
1:00 – 3:00
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In Progress
*Typically meetings are first Friday of each month; these dates are exceptions
Appendix 1
Historical Credit Hour Summary – (Preliminary End of First Week of Classes)
Arts and Sciences
African Studies
Fall 2010
Fall 2011
Change from
Last Year
- 8.3%
Afro-American and
African Diaspora
Central Eurasian
India Studies
International Studies
Jewish Studies
Latino Studies
Latin American
West European
- Data from the IUB Office of the Registrar
Appendix 2