Requesting Collaborative Learning Classroom

Requesting a Class in Collaborative Learning Classrooms
In response to faculty requests for classroom facilities that support active learning, Collaborative
Learning Classrooms are being developed at IUPUI. These are innovative classroom spaces that
leverage advanced technologies (including a video wall display, in some cases) and a de-centered
layout to meet collaborative instructional goals.
The Office of the Registrar will be coordinate placement of classes into this space. In order to promote
the most effective and efficient use of this unique space, classes will be prioritized that meet
combinations of the following criteria:
Clear plans for implementing active-learning approaches
Agreement to attend training sessions provided by UITS/Center for Teaching and Learning
(combination of technical orientation and active-learning pedagogy workshop)
Use of standard time modules
Classes that meet at least 67% of room capacity
Departmental proximity
Full-time faculty members (tenured, tenure-track, clinical, and lecturers)
In the case of scheduling conflicts, priority will be given to courses that meet the 67% utilization
requirement with clear plans for using the space and its technology in support of active learning.
Departmental proximity will also be considered in these decisions.
In order to request placement in this classroom, please submit the following information via email to copying your departmental scheduling officer.
 Faculty Name:
 IUPUI Department:
 Course subject and catalog number (i.e. ENG-W 131)
 Course title:
 Class number:
 Meeting days and start/end times:
 Expected class size:
 Requested collaborative room(s):
 Please describe your plans for using this space that matches its design and technology,
including relevant details of planned teaching approaches and class activities.
 Please share any other relevant information that makes your class a good fit for this space.
 Indicate your willingness to attend a training session or indicate that you have already done so.
Lecture Hall 104 (Capacity = 54)
Located in the Lecture Hall, this innovative classroom leverages advanced technologies to support
collaborative learning in large classes. Students can work as teams at technology-enhanced tables and
have their work displayed on a video wall for sharing with the larger class.
LE 104 Room Features
 The room contains 9 fixed tables with 6 student seats (total seating for 54 students).
 Each table contains a large monitor and connections for two laptops.
 The tables are large enough for students to work actively on projects, either as a six-person team or
two smaller 3-person teams.
 A video wall allows instructors to display multiple types of content, including standard instructor
tools (computer, document camera, DVD player) as well as the screens of individual student tables.
 Made up of nine monitors, the wall can accommodate a “gallery view” of all nine student table
computers, a “quad view” combination of four sources (tables and/or instructor tools), or one large
 In addition to the video wall, content can be projected on two large screens at the sides of the
room, as well as to the monitors at each table.
 These advanced projection options allow for the sharing and discussion of student work, as well as
for display of multiple pieces of content needed for table-based activities.
Education/Social Work – ES 1117 (Capacity = 30)
Located in the Education/Social Work building, in this classroom students can work as teams at
technology-enhanced tables and have their work displayed on a large TV for sharing with the larger
ES 1117 Room Features
The room contains 6 fixed tables with 5 student seats (total seating for 30 students).
Each table contains a large TV monitor and connections for laptops.
The tables are large enough for students to work actively on projects, either as a five-person team
or two smaller teams.
Appendix A
Images of Lecture Hall LE-104
Images of Education/Social Work ES-1117