Econ 4440/5440 College Myths created by Dr. Nieswiadomy

College Myths
College courses are as easy as H.S. courses.
• 2) Your grades in your freshman and
sophomore years do not matter much.
• 3) You can work full time (40 hrs./week)
and take a full load (15 hours/semester).
• 4) You do not need to go to class.
• 5) It’s O.K. to miss class a few times.
College Myths
• 6) Your professors want you to fail.
• 7) You don’t need to take notes in class.
• 8) The best source of academic advise is
from your roommate’s best friend’s
girlfriend’s brother’s friend.
• 9) You don’t need to go to the Economics
Tutoring Center.
• 10)Economics is a boring subject.
Study Hints
• 1) Attend every class. Yes I said every
• 2) Use shorthand to take notes.
• 3) Study 2 hours for every hour in class.
– E.g., 15 hours of courses means 30 hours of
study time. Now, who has time to do anything
• 4) Avoid distractions when you study.
Take SHORT breaks while you are
Study Hints
Read the lecture ahead of time. Get to class
early and survey the lecture
The only dumb question is the unasked question.
“Do I need to write this down?
“I missed class yesterday. Did I miss anything important?”
Study Hints
• 8) Get help from the Econ Tutoring Center
in ETEC 266.
• 9) If you are having problems ask for help,
sooner rather than later, from your friendly
• 10) Introduce yourself to your professor.
College Life Tips
• 1) Carry a dictionary w/ you at all times. Learn a
new word every day.
– E.g. What does “perspicacious” mean?
– “Quagmire”?
• 2) Avoid credit cards like the plague.
• 3) Be grateful for the opportunity to go to college
and for the nice family and friends that are
funding part or all of your education. Is getting
inebriated, skipping classes, and earning Ds and
Fs anyway to show your gratitude???
• 4) Eat healthy foods. Drink copious amounts of
Life Lessons
• 5) Use a professional email address
E.g. [email protected]
Not [email protected]
Not [email protected]
It is important to put your full name in your signature
line and your phone number.
• 6) Leaving phone messages
– Speak your name and phone number slowly
– Enunciate carefully
College Life Tips
• 7) Exercise. Engage in good, clean fun.
• 8) Never read a newspaper in class. It is
considered rude.
• 9) Use a day planner.
• 10) Keep your class materials organized. Get a
small file cabinet.
• 11) Visit the library. It is a great place to study.
• 12) Read the Wall Street Journal.
• 13) Listen to NPR, FM 90.1
• 14) Last, but not least, call mom and dad
periodically and tell them that you love them.