Test 1 (on Tuesday, 10/4) Review

Session 12
Exam 1 Review
Study Hints
1. Go through each chapter and making a
list of the vocabulary terms that we have
discussed. Could you explain what each
means and how they relate to each other?
2. Review the slides I used during class
and consider the points I have
emphasized either directly on the slides or
in addition to the slides.
Study Hints
3. Review the programs we have worked with (MemoPad,
Accumulator, LunarLander, Ball and BallWorld,
CannonWorld, etc). I will provide you with any code I
expect you to use/modify, but you don’t want to waste
test time reviewing how the code actually works.
4. Read through the questions at the end of the
chapters. Play the "second guess” the instructor game.
That is, think about what you reviewed in the previous
steps and think about how well each question would fit
into these topics. Some of my questions will come from
these questions. Others will be modifications to these
questions based more on what I have chosen to